Education, Root Problem

By: Maham Umer

The United Nation Developing Programme (UNDP) has put Pakistan at the “worst education ranking”. Pakistan was ranked 166th out of 177th country in literacy where the Education For All Campaign has failed and would not yield the desired results by 2015.

Education is the backbone of any nation whether developed or developing.

Today Pakistan is facing bundles of problems in which I believe lack of education is root cause of terrorism, poverty, unemployment and child labour and many more problems in our country.

According to survey more than 67.5 million children in developing countries do not go to school and Pakistan is at the top on this list. In Pakistan annually 7.5 million children leave their education.

Another survey report by United Nation states that “Close to one-half of the three million born in Pakistan will leave  school unable to add, subtract, multiply or divide; unable to read write simple sentences in Urdu; unable to read a short word like “BALL” in English.

Quality education is the key of success, for developed or developing countries both.

Now-a-days education has become an industry and it is consider a new avenue for investment.

The classifications of schools in our country is not only of government and not government. Some schools are according to private and public while others are according to medium of instruction which has created discrimination among people.  

According to experts there are two main reasons for this painful situation, i.e. wrong educational policy of the government and corruption in the education sector. Corruption of millions of rupees is reported since last few years (including distribution of laptops by Punjab government). Dissolution of HEC has also negative impact on higher education. Unfortunately there are various elements responsible for deteriorating education included  no repairs to most schools, natural disasters, lack of laboratories in high schools, negative activities in the name of students politics.

The key development issue for Pakistan is to improve educational outcomes. Furthermore, improving the quality of schools may in itself be one of the best ways of getting children into school. In most of the countries all schools follow a common curriculum, uniformity in education which must be implemented here for better results in education sector

Some other measures like appointment of teachers on merit, job satisfaction, job-fit theory can yield better results. Top priority must be given to girls’ education for betterment of society.