Philtres, Natural Cure Or Disaster.

By: Mahira Majid Ali

Some people find the word ‘Philtre’ mysterious and unaware of its meaning. Basically, philtre is a magic potion, a tonic supposed to arouse affection for a particular person. But at this juncture, it actually means Homemade Tips or Totkay, which are being used by literate, as well as, illiterate populaces in some or other ways.

Formerly, experienced women of villages, used to share philtres for health issues with their relatives and friends. They gave numbers of philtres like using neem leaves for long and strong hair, fennel water for indigestion, turmeric was supposed as a natural antibiotic.

Ginger was considered good for inflammation, so ginger tea during flu, sore throat, even for body aches was used. In ancient time, communities relied on these philtres. Many of them found these experimentations beneficial in past, folks are getting advantage from these philtres till now.

However, at the present time, everyone is becoming health advisor and offering different philtres. Even, when there is no need of these philtres some people are providing for their publicity. You might have listened about DadiAmma kay Totkay, ZubaidaAapa kay Totkay and so on. Furthermore, loads of book and apps are also introduced on this subject.

Today, philtres are widely being used in our life. They are very popular not only in old ladies of Pakistan but also modern women try to find out "GhareluNuskhe" to enhance their beauty and solution of health problems.

People do not weigh up the proficiency of the person giving these philtres and after hearing they set off to make the recipe given by unskilled people and apply them on their face, hair, body and drink or eat these formulations. They think that remedies are cheaper and are providing the hand-picked results. One should not set on for the cheapest, when it comes to health.

No doubt, philtres are ready to lend a hand to some extent, congruently, they may prove to be terrible. By applying these mixtures, suggested by inexpert, we may get good result for a short span of time, but sometimes these mixtures give ridiculous results.

One of my kin, is a great victim in maltreatment of totkas. She likes long hair and when she heard that by applying onion juice on scalp we can get long hairs, she started to apply it and made her routine to use onion juice without even verifying its outcome. At last, she faced patchy hair loss.

Since Diabetes runs in the family, some people often juice up bitter guard and would have quarter cup juice of it twice a week. They say that, “bitter guard juice is really good and helpful for diabetic patients”.

Contrary to this somepeople say our ancestors survived on these remedies, only that their food was healthy. They had no vehicles and many had to walk distances and they led an active life.

Self-medication has become our national habit. Occasionally, we push doctor to keep the stethoscope in the pocket. Sometimes, grandma’s totka is enough to fix problem like cold but for other health problems we must consult to specialist. It’s duty of the punter, to mull over the wear and tear of everything they use, to live a better life.

Nature has gifted many beneficial and applicable stuffs to take pleasure of living. Everything human have needed to survive, and thrive, was provided by the nature: food, water, and natural cycles such as climate and nutrients. In all the things of nature there is something of the marvellous, but get to grips with all these things depend on us.

As a universal paradox says, you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.