I Like To Fight Than Flight: Anita Shah

By: Rebecca Ursani

People often seek inspiration to work hard in their life and make progress. Anita Shah, mother of two, a writer and a working woman is one of the many exemplary characters to follow.

Anita Shah Lakyary was born on 15th of November, 1974, passed matriculation from Himayat-ul-Islam Girls High School and Intermediate from Nazareth College Hyderabad. Further, she did her BSC from Zubaida College and MBA from University of Sindh.

Her versatility is proved by the degrees of LLB, MA in Sociology and courses of Post Graduate Diploma Certificate from Institute of Women's Studies, Lahore. Afterwards, as a visiting scholar she went for British counsel fellowship.

She is also a Fulbright Scholar from a Hubert Humphrey fellowship. She says 'I have been a multi-tasker all my life, simultaneously I managed my career'. Currently, she is working in Government for which she passed Provincial Secretariat Service (PSS) examination of Sindh Government in 2001. Previously, she was assigned as Research Associate in University of Sindh for two years.

Anita Shah loves reading biographies, autobiographies and fiction stories. She says, 'since childhood we had observed our elders. They were very fond of reading and were extremely hardworking. They used to tell us stories at night. When I became capable of learning, I used to read short story books. I have always tried to make the most of my time. There have been many inspirations for me and one of them was my mother.

She never let us skip our school ever. Besides that, Benazir Bhutto, as a personality, she has been my inspiration and of course she is adored in the whole world'. Anita’s parents belonged to rural areas, so she has experienced the village life and wants her children to experience it too.

Earlier, when she went abroad to study she faced many challenges in personal and professional ground. As a female journalist, it was difficult for her to hear the criticism from the society but she never gave up because she had her parent’s support. Gradually, the society also accepted her as a working lady because of her sincerity and enthusiasm towards her career.

This charming lady, dressed gracefully with spectacles and nicely tied hairs is a very humble. Her office was a quite big room with yellow painted walls, and black table set. The windows were exposing bright sunlight in the room and her journalism certificates were hung on the wall. Her friend, Sindhiya Ursani says, Anita is humble, very cooperative and an example for all the women. Similarly, Parwez Bughio said, she is one dynamic personality with huge experience and knowledge. She is an intellectual women of Sindh.

Anita is very much concerned regarding our educational system. She believes, students should get proper education in a proper way, without any disturbances and boycotts faced by her, when she was studying in University of Sindh. She writes articles in Dawn and Kawish newspaper.

Her advice for our nation is, we should stop blaming others for any kind of loss. Every individual should work on improving their own character, excellence and position.