Music Is In Our Blood: Faqeer Bhagat Khano Mal

By: Ayoob Rajpar

  Music is in our blood : Faqeer Bhagat      Khano Mal 

Melodic voice is a gift of God. Few people have a great talent that leads them on peak of success. Faqeer Bhagat Khano Mal is one of the best folk singers of district Naushahro Feroze, Sindh. He was born in 1963 in small village (cheeho) of Naushahro Feroze. He got his early education of music at his home. He belongs to a musician family that is commonly known as the Bhagats.  He is used to sing and compose songs in which all the mystic concepts are described.




Q. From where did you get your music teachings initially? 

Ans. Music is in our blood and that shows that we are lineal chanters. Our forefather firstly started music and started singing in different temples and called himself a Bhagat. Tanboro and Chapri (wooden little blocks which work to produce beats during song). Our father taught us the basics of music and so on we developed more. 

Q. What kind of Raag you play and enjoy very much? 

Ans. Child, as musicians we have grip on different scales and their sharps and keep in mind that a musician is the one who knows all the detailing, major and minor aspects of raag. If a man knows some of the scales of music, we cannot say that he is a musician. Returning to your question, we have really enjoyed what we had composed and also that which is still in progress. 

Q. It is generally believed that music creates a vibe in a man’s soul. Is it so?

Ans. There is something that should be understood. It is just about our brain and feelings. Sometimes people enjoy by offering prayers, sometimes they feel good after taking a unit of alcoholic beer and also some people get a vibe to help the needy. People get relaxation from their different works and music is a master instrument to relax listener's soul and it's an everlasting passion of musicians like us.

Q. What kind of poetry you have mostly used in your songs?

Ans. Mostly we are used to sing Kabeer, Latif, Sachal and the poetry which is based on Sufi point of view. It is very necessary for a Sindhi folk singer to sing Shah Latif, Sachal Sarmast and Sufi Shah Inayat and other same categories of Sindhi Sufi poets. As far as Kabeer is concerned, I must say that Kabeer is a big personality in Hindu Sufism and all his poetry is about Sufism.


Q. Is it hard for common people to understand Kabeer’s poetry?

Ans. No, not at all. Kabeer is as simple as other poets but the thing which betides over the society is that the trends have been changed. If you see thirty years back from today you will understand the musical trends and their importance. When we sing Kabeer, the older people and knowers enjoy our songs and poetry. Most of Kabeer's poetry is based on spiritual thoughts and divinity like other Sufi poets who worked for brotherhood and humanity.