Imran Shah: Along Way To Became An Architect

By: Minhaj-ul-Islam

Imran Shah is from Hyderabad city of Pakistan, he grew up in this city. He got his basic education from Hyderabad. In earlier, as he was from a lower class family it was difficult for him to proceed with his higher studies. After the death of his father he was not able to bear the expenses of his higher studies. So he halted his studies after H.S.C examination. The objectives were high in Imran's mind to pick up a good name and notoriety in the eye of public and in the future.

From the young age Imran was a splendid craftsman, he draw great drawings and outlines in his extra time and as a result of his splendid drawing abilities one day Imran chose to begin his studies in the field of architecture yet he was from a lower class family and couldn't bear the cost of his college. So Imran started working on a medical store as an ordinary helper. Imran worked there to gather enough sum for his college affirmation. After a long battle and diligent work, he moved from Mehran University of engineering and substantiated himself as the best architect engineer of Hyderabad and of different cities too by contributing his work in best constructions like Royal Taj restaurant, the autobahn tower and Dolmen shopping center Karachi.

Imran is not only an architect engineer but he is also the best interior designer, Imran’s most creative ability is using delightful wood carvings and wall carvings in his projects which attracts the lot of peoples. He always uses antique designs and classical old designs in his every masterpiece, which makes them most distinct piece of architecture category because now a days antique and old classical architecture designs are on more and only some of the architect engineers in Hyderabad are working on these types of projects while others are coming from other cities to show their abilities here. These days’ people knows Hyderabad defense society as very prospectus it happened just because of his architecture skills. Other than Imran have his own particular group for each task he doesn't like to take workers from outside. He has made a group to work with him in his each venture, which helps him in planning inside and dealing with all his site work. Imran's reasoning and creative ability is unique to the point that he utilizes them as a part of his present life for giving his earnest attempts in the field.

The more unique ability of Imran Shah is that he has settled a small institute in his home in order to train those boys and girls who are learning architecture. However, by his classes he makes them better and creative through his brilliant skills of teachings. Imran Shah trains them how to improve their skills of drawing, how to make the maps and designs more creative to impress people. Nowadays he is the only architect engineer of Hyderabad who trains boys and girls of Hyderabad in the field of architecture along with his work which is very hard to manage for him but he prefers to run his institute because he wants to contribute more in the field of architecture.

Other than he has a busy schedule, Imran is also a best husband and a best father. He generally oversees time for his family from his proceed diligent work. He spends time with family in a perfect loving and caring way. They go for dining in different restaurants also visit the entertainment spots and this is also Imran's hobby so in some cases he wants to run for trip along with his family to refresh his mind and to substantiate himself as a best father and a best husband. Family is Imran's first priority which demonstrates that he is a perfect family person. In this field he is quite well behaved person as well. He owns a polite and loving nature which is the most common reason behind his success, he is most famous person in his working circle because of his polite and caring nature that everybody loves to be with him during working hours. Imran deals with his team and workers in very positive manner that every person of his team is fan of Imran’s temperament and always gives respectful feedback in the response. In the race of life Imran Shah substantiated himself as a best son, a diligent worker, a loving husband, a caring father and a best teacher. Imran shah worked with all his excitement and enthusiasm in the recorded of structural planning and made his sparkling name in the rundown of Hyderabad’s best architect engineer.