I Promised To My Self Not To Ever Beg. Muhammad Hussain Qureshi

By: Ayoob Rajpar

There are some people who force you to do something or force you to ask yourself. What makes them tick, how they survive, what are their dreams, what their hopes or despairs are?

Muhammad Hussain Qureshi is one of those characters; you will always find him on the entrance stairs of Agriculture complex with the weight machine in front of him. While working, people sometimes pay him and sometimes they do not. Interestingly, he has performed Umrah twice with the earnings that he got from weighting people.

Nobody knows from where exactly Hussain Qureshi belongs? Neither anyone ever bothers to ask him. Even, if someone asks him about his morning, he rudely says, “What the hell have you got to do with it? It is none of your business.”

He lives in the slums of Hyderabad in a ruined rented room. He is not married, thus the question about his family is pointless. He says, “Only God is my relative, to hell with others”. He is old but nobody knows how much. When asked he says, I do not know. If he is in good mood, he will pull out his identity card from his shoddy shirt’s half-torn pocket and will show it to you. By seeing his ID card, we shall come to know that he is 62 years old. His white beard shows that he may really be over sixty, but his wrinkle-free face shows he is hardly over thirty.

From his outlook you will think if he cares to change his clothes. Or, rather, if he has got any except for the ones he is wearing. His only property is his weight machine on which he is living his life. Does it earn him enough to eat and pay his rent? “Yes,” he says with brightness in his eyes. “It earns me not only enough but more than enough. I have performed Umrah twice through the earnings from the weight machine. What more can I ask?”

Interestingly, he has no hopes, no desires, no fears, and no despairs. “To be honest,” he says, “it has been a long time since I last dreamed. Literally, no dreams at all. I have nothing to lose, so fear is pointless. I am not slave to any desire for I am satisfied with what I am, what I do, and what I earn.” Although, Hussain Qureshi seems like a beggar but he wins his bread and butter through hard work. “I begged for some days but those were the worst days of my life. I was extremely ashamed of what I was doing. I have never undergone such a very unpleasant situation before. Then, one day, I promised to myself not to ever beg.”

Hussain Qureshi’s life is a nice lesson of living life with honour and happiness.