Department Of Genetics

By: Fatima Mustafa

Profile: Department of Genetics

    Initially Genetics was a branch of Institute of Chemistry in University of Sindh. On the advice of the then Vice Chancellor Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui, institute of Genetics and biotechnology was created in 2004. Department of biotechnology started as a centre in January 2002 and was upgraded into institute in April 2003 and was approved by (HEC) in September 2003. Now both the departments are working under Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.

      Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umar Dahot is the founder of the Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. When department was started only 80 students took admission in BS Genetic.

       Research work is the main focus of this institute; research is the reason for the collaboration and linkage of Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering with highly reputed national and international laboratories and institutes. Newly established Institute is providing facilities in the area of Plant Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Healthcare and Environment Biotechnology.

      14 research projects are completed successfully till today and two more are in progress. All the projects are sponsored by national and international funding agencies.

In 2004 first scientific journal was published and in 2015, and in all 12 issues were published. More than 200 research articles have been published in national and international journals.

Department is trying to equip it library with latest books. As many as 1200 books on the subject are available in seminar library.

A visit to the department revealed that nothing has changed from classrooms to laboratory equipments are same when the department was established. Students are facing many problems due to lack of facilities. Instruments in laboratory are not working properly and chemicals for experiment are not available, they complained. Now the university administration is supplying gas to the department. It is pretty much beneficial for students because all the laboratory instruments work on fire, before this, electrical heaters were used.

     More than 100 students take admission in each batch every year in the modern field of genetics and biotechnology. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering is a field in which invention of new technologies like finger printing, DNA reports and mostly research work related to life and technology take place.

      Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umar Dahot the first director of department was awarded with the HSC best teacher award in 2007, Ain Shams University Egypt gave him gold medal for his efforts. Now Syed Habib Naqvi is the director. From 2003 to 2015 this institute awarded more than 8 PhD degrees and 3 M.Phil degrees. Four teachers are studying in foreign countries while some of them are doing Ph.D from China and Netherlands.