The Walking Dead Bodies

By: Ali Raza Bhatti

Profession of medical personnel is considered to be the descent profession as they carry significant duty to heal the wounds and to save precious lives while serving humans with the best of their efforts possible.

The doctors here in the Doctors Line of Saddar Area Hyderabad, the most popular street of doctors, where they present a horrible picture of this profession who appear more to be selfish businessmen rather than the human servant.

They are involved in a very organized web of medicines corruption in which medical personnel, medical store owners, medical reps (medicines salesmen) work in a systematic way. Doctors are bound to prescribe excess medicines to patients that are not even allowed for the particular usage. Those are yet prescribed.

Ignoring the side effects of taking medicines which is a part of deal they have made with the one of so called certified drug companies and they have to prescribe the medicines of particular drug companies which are available on particular medical stores.

The days are gone when the medical reps used to gift minor show pieces, writing pens or other stationeries to please the doctors. Such practices have turned into luxurious cars, prohibitive gift hampers, yellow envelopes full of cash, free tickets of foreign tours individually or even for whole family which is rampant by leaps and bounds for wining doctors so that the particular medicines companies could make good profits.

As the sun rises, the poverty-stricken masses from interior Sindh spring to Doctors Line after selling their cattle, possessions and some are even poor so they borrow from money lenders on heavy interest rates while taking with them the hope of getting standardized medical services or treatment.

They have no idea of fact that they are going to be victims of medical negligence, ill services which may cause serious infections or make them even sicker.

Their health or even life does not matter to the doctors.  It's only their deep pockets what matters them the most rather the patients who   have to pay extremely high fees. It is also learnt that the non governmental organizations are seen having photographs with the patients distributing medicines which are not distributed among all the patients but among patients of elite class who have closer ties with doctors and it surly creates juicy news exclusives.

It is clear it is not for serving poverty stricken patients who need medical attention the most but for opening another channel for corrupt doctors to violate the rights of patients and let them forget that all patients are equal for them. 

 There should be strict check and balance on the ill practices of medical personnel by the concerned authorities such as health department so the culprits could be exposed and if proved guilty should be brought under the rule of law.