Lal Qila (Buffet Restaurant)

By: Sabhiya Mansoor

Great food make great lovers. People who love to eat are always the best people and when it comes to Pakistan, there are numerous people who love food as we have several good restaurants here. Pakistani cuisine is a blend of various regional cookery of India. Since before partition, people of subcontinent lived together and enjoyed similar foodstuffs. After partition, Pakistani food became an extension of Indian food, compounded its roots and got eminentidentity.

Food is a great source of human survival, no doubt Pakistan is one-step ahead for its spicy and delicious cookery in the world and each city of Pakistan has its unique specialty of food.Hyderabad restaurants not only serve the special dishes of Hyderabad but also many other scrumptious inter-continental foods.For all the food lovers of Hyderabad, Lal Qila is the place for great gratification and delicious food.

The structural design of Lal Qila holds its own uniqueness. People say, its interior and exterior historical mesmerizing look and the beautiful environment make us feel as we are back in time of Mughal era. Its wonderful architecture depicts the legendary grandeur of splendid past.The owner of Lal Qila,Mr. Shoukat,himself is a food lover andhe was greatly inspired by the architecture of Lal Qila inNew Delhi, India. The reflection of his interest with food and the historical architecture can be seen after having food and enjoying quality time at Lal Qila restaurant, Hyderabad.

The main entrance of Lal Qila restaurant has mighty a huge wooden door welcoming customers with its strong aesthetical essence.  All the way, combination and innovation adorned with courtesy of Mughal era, offering delicious MughlaiTandoori, their live kitchen barbeque and traditional Pakistani food.

The H.R. Manager, Mr.Zubair Ahmed told about their exotic dishes, relaxing atmosphere and trained staff. He further added, our main head office is in Karachi while other branches are in Lahore, Faisalabad,Abu Dhabi, Dubai and very soon,they are launching Lal Qila in South Africa. Lal Qila endlessly introduces new variety of dishes to the menu that suits guests of all ages.They serve more than 200 to 300 people per day, where they offer different varieties of food. In lunch, they have around 42 dishes and about 92 varieties in dinner, including number of session of several Pakistani, Continental, Chinese, Barbeque, Mughlai, Desert and Salad etc.

Lal Qila Hyderabad is also catering different banquet halls. The most demanded dish of Lal Qila is Biryani, as it is a famous and popular South Asian dish being served around the world. While food like fish, prawn, birds (Batair) etc., are not been ordered very much in Hyderabad.

There is also a beautiful hall, decorated with mirrors called Sheesh Mahal. Families can sit with easeand enjoy the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Further the terrace is an open air area of the restaurant. Mr. Zubair Ahmed told that their chefs are mostly from Pakistan because Pakistani cuisinehas its own taste. A recipe has no soul but a chef can bring soul to the recipe, so we hire only the well-trained chefs. Think about the sizzling in a pan, the scent of spices wafting into the air, the textures changing before your eyes. Cooking is like making love, if you're doing it right. Lal Qila is one of the beautiful and captivating places of Hyderabad to visit, to collect beautiful memories and imagining yourself as a royal personality of Mughal period, one must go and feel the heat of true appealingbeautiful historical past. People say, if someone wants to enjoy the lip-smacking dishes, he must go to Lal Qila.