Attraction Of Hyderabad

By: Fatmia Mustafa

Attraction of Hyderabad. 

Cities of Sindh are beautiful and have different historical, cultural and natural identities. Hyderabad is the second biggest city of Sindh province, it contains an essence and history behind the name. It was founded by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the old name of this city was Neroon Kot. Later Kalhoros named it "Hyderabad". The city is built on three hillocks over each other. It is multi ethnic and people from different cultures dwell here. This is a very unique city in various ways also it is not much different from other historical cities of the world in terms of fate and destiny.
Bangle industries of Hyderabad have flourishing business in all around the world. 3000 people are part of the glass bangle industries, women are doing very much imperative work in the making of handcraft bangles. Handcrafts are mostly made by women, who form an active domestic labour group and they contribute over 50 per cent income in their home. This historical city is also famous for agriculture resources such as the crops of rice, millets and jute.

The old places of the town are Pacco Qillo, Kacha Qila, Tomb of Talpurs (Cubbas) in Hirabad, Rani Bagh is an old Zoo and is still visited and enjoyed by public. An old museum of Hyderabad is named as Sindh museum which contains remainings of ancient civilizations. Resham Gali is an oldest bazar of this town, mostly women prefer the bazar for purchasing the goods and garments on cheap prices, in evening the traffic of this street is a clear symbol which describe people’s immense interest for this place. Tower market is also an old hub of shopping for local people of the region, where household things fruits, vegetables can be purchased on cheap prices. There are many shopping centres here but 8 number bazar of Latifabad is very much occupied with people.
This city is also known for its astonishing shades of delicious foods. Shabbir Biryani, Raavi and Cozy haleem, Mr. Warri’s chaat, Breeze fish point and the old bakery of Hyderabad Bombay Bakery are the most famous places of Hyderabad. 
The city is booming fast. Hyderabad has a hot and humid climate also cool breezy nights. Now it is developing in many aspects, no doubt if I say it is has become a megalopolitan city. This second city of lights and opportunities is experiencing great projects of modernization. Boulevard shopping mall project is a proof of my statement.
Foreign banks have opened their branches, several multinational fast food chains and restaurants are serving fantastic meals to the masses. Hyderabad has now become a mega city of opportunities. A hub of journalists and newspaper industries. This city contains several opportunities for young engineers, IT professionals, doctors and journalists. The magic of this city is, it hasn’t lost peace though it has become modernized but still contain an old charm in the hearts of dwellers.