Trend Of Learning English. Tufail Chandio

By: Zain Hyder Shah

Tufail chandio is a lecturer of English Language in Laar Campus Badin. He is vice president of Sindh University Teacher association and writer of three books.

Q 1. What do you think about the popularity of English language?
A. English has become a frank language. It has become the language between nations and communities. It is a language of business, a language of science, technology and of popular literature. The good knowledge and information is available in English language. If we see the latest innovations, I think it is very much necessary for learners to understand it if they want to move with the technical world.

Q 2 What kind of feelings are keeping you attached with the English Literature?
A. Literature has a broad spectrum that is going to encompass the life. Literature is not subjective but concretive as compared to Philosophy. Literature is my passion and it has different school of thoughts, Literature for life and literature for literature. I am personally working on literature of life. The role of literature is to represent, guide and delight. In English literature I can read different classes. Look at the Greek literature even in Roman and presently the writer works in English such as Paulo Coelho is an example. So if we don’t know English we will be deprived by such masterpieces. Even English gives us access to read the Persian writers like Rumi. I think my love for literature and thirst for it, will not be fulfilled without English. 

Q3. Do you think the schools of Pakistan are giving the best learning skills of English to the Students?
In Pakistan unfortunately we have different levels of education system. We have A and O levels, private schools, Government sectors and Madarsa. So we have four classes in education and they do not come on one page. Cambridge system is teaching English as language and in private and other Public sectors they are teaching it as a subject like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Our schools are not being fair with English because they are just focusing on reading and writing instead of including listening and speaking. Most of Intermediate students who come to me are not good in English. The schools have to maintain a time table and give a space to listening and speaking skills too.

Q4.     What literature has contributed to the world, Share some true essence of amazing philosophers and intellectuals?
Literature of art is to please the people and their job is to give marvelous pieces to the world. The literature for sake of life has contributed alot. Literature has to be responsible because a journalist, a historian can have the open access to the history. Literature tells us, what life was, what life is and what life should be. Literature contributed the novels like Mother and it is written by a Russian writer and it contributed alot to the revolutions. Take an example of French revolution. The writers like Russo Voltaire, Vietnam Poetry they contributed alot. In Sindh while the movement of MRD the poetry motivated a lot to people.

Q5: How you see the future of English language in the world?
Languages neither develop nor they decline. Language are basically the tools to communicate the demands of that particular age. English is a language of information. When Muslim era was on peak the Arabic was very famous. It depends on the language that it will emerge in the nations and come up with maintaining the same image as they have in present. The scope of English language is very amazing in present and that has happened because of the achievements of English people and innovations in the field of Science and Technology. If forthcoming languages come up with the same scope then it can change.
Q6.  Like Urdu language which is known for its poetical background. Do the writers of English language contributed the best poetries to the respective literature?
If you talk about the classics then I want to say that each language has its specialty. If you are interested in drama then go to English people they will teach you. If you love fiction than Russian have the great work of fiction in their novels. In poetry east is better and superior then west. Begin with Rumi and come down to Allama Iqbal, Bullah Shah, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, in poetry we have surpassed and excelled the other writers.

Q7.  Do you think in East, Pakistan has better learning skills of English Language than the neighbors?
Pakistani people who get great opportunities of interaction are good in English though they do not have good educational background. So far neighbors are concerned India has a great access to English they are good in research. Bangladeshi people have good research abilities but it depends on a person and their demands for languages. In Pakistan you know that we are divided in 160 languages and we have 16 top languages. The problem here is people who are concerned with regional languages and then there are national language and official language that is English. I think Pakistan nowadays is doing better in the graph of English Language. There is a development in youth regarding learning English.

Q8. There is a saying that English Language makes you intelligent and sensible. Is it so?    
A. The language has nothing to do with the sensibility and maturity. You can easily communicate and share your real ideas and feelings by your mother tongue.

Q9. If a person starts to learn English by his own self and without any help of a teacher. Is it possible?
Language has four basic skills. Listening, speaking, reading and writing. The two are input skills, writing and speaking are output skills, for enhancing the language one must focus on the input skills that is listening and reading. If you want to improve your language listen alot and repeat it until you understand and read the phrases not the individual words. This will be beneficial for you to learn.

Q10. Is grammar very much necessary to learn Language?
Do not worry about the grammar at the initial step. Grammar is very much necessary but first let the room developed then we will decide where the fans and pictures will be fixed. 

Q11.  Does Literature plays an important in lives of people?
Yes, it does the literature of life is very vast and filled with a lot of information and knowledge. It gives a reader a perfect image of intellectuality and ethics. It can be the literature of history, Poetry, fiction and drama. They all have a positive message to the society.