Talk Shows: Politics On TV

By: Hosh Mohammed Dhamrah

There are many types of war, where each force tries to prove its dominancy. One of its kind is war of words. We usually see such fights between the politicians and the stage is provided by the media in the shape of talk shows.

As every television program leaves some impacts on its viewers, which may be positive or negative. Now-a- days, talk shows in Pakistani electronic almost every time leave negative impacts. Instead of providing valuable knowledge to people, such programs show quarrels of the politicians; where every participant tries to pull others leg.

It is observed in different talk shows that majority of these are intended with bombastic materials, which sometimes causes anxieties, unrest and conflictions for those who are reckoned as keen audiences.

Most of the time artificial issues are crafted in such programs; they take a non issue and invite VIPs for the discussion. The only purpose behind these programs is to create drama, suspense and sensation on different issues. Through such programs channel tries to increase its popularity.

These famous progammes pose things and emotionally target the person with the stuff which rationally does not hurt much, but are hyped to make it appear as nothing else is more important.

There are some politicians who think that politics is perhaps a TV show. They do not have anything else to attend except sitting in a talk show and giving statements which make no sense at all.

 Talk shows also present the negative image of the politicians depending upon their policies. Situation gets even worst when politicians in these programs talks unnecessarily about private lives of one another, and at times situation gets out of control of the anchor too.

Recently, PEMRA has taken serious notice of the programs which according to its members have amounted to character assassination, humiliation and defamation of dignitaries.