Hyderabad, The Paris Of The Past

By: Hani Nasir

Situated on left bank of River Indus, Hyderabad, and former capital of Sindh, one of the oldest cities of South Asia. It is a unique city in so many contexts.

Hyderabad is known as the city of "Mangh" a Sindhi word for wind catchers. If we peep into the history and look at the pictures of Hyderabad of 1800 century the skyline of city is dotted by unlimited wind catchers, but after 1960 construction patterns changed and wind catchers have become a symbol of the past.

It Shahi Bazaar meaning Royal Market founded by Kalhora rulers in 18th century is considered to be longest Bazaar of the Asia. It starts from the Market Chowk and ends at Fort.

On both sides of bazaar there is the web of many narrow streets which connects different parts of old city like arteries. This Bazaar also extends to other two large Bazaars known as Chotki Ghitti, and Resham Gali.

Shopping in these bazaars is a lifetime experience, but the present condition of these bazaars is very poor and demands attention of the authorities.

Bangles are the beauty of any girl or woman's arm and Hyderabad city has also the honor of being the largest glass bangles producer in the world.

 Glass bangles prepared here are exported to International market also. These bangles are so unique and of different types which catch the eyes.

 If Government takes interest in this business, it can touch new heights of success and the producers can contribute huge amount to strengthen the economy of country.

Cakes of legendary Bombay Bakery are famous in the world for its unique taste and are presented as a gift not only in Pakistan but in the nearby countries also.

 The preparation of these cakes is made on the basis of a formula which is family secret of owners to date. The building of this bakery is also part of the proud heritage of city.

You can judge the standard of these cakes from this statement that one has to stand in a long queue to get the cake because these are sold in no time.

Pakka Qilla, Hyderabad Fort is the worth visiting. In olden times it was Darbar of Mirs the Talpur rulers of Sindh during 18th and 19th centuries.

This historical place is affected due to illegal encroachment hence the fort is loosing its beauty day by day.

Market Clock Tower, the tall standing structure and the defining skyline of the city is also in worst conditioning.

Now city is going through a rapid modernization program which includes new flyovers, pedestrian bridges, new bus terminal, shopping malls, five star hotels, amusement parks, new hospitals, trauma center, and a new transport system and other mega projects.

 Hyderabad Airport has been reopened after a long time and flights for major cities in Pakistan have been resumed.

All major foreign banks and fast food chain restaurants have opened up their branches in Hyderabad due to increased industrial, economic, and commercial activities in the city which increases the charm and provide facility to residents to have outing with their family.