Street Crimes

By: Hiba Mumtaz

As we are living under the conditions of many crimes, street crimes are now a days on the top of the list and very common. I would like to draw the attention of police authorities and the provincial home minister towards the tormenting problem of street crimes.

For the last several months, street crimes can be seen all around us. Daily we hear of money and mobile snatching, target killing and robberies.

Most of the crime victims are those who go to their offices or educational institutions in the morning or come home during the evening. In addition, buses and vans are also being robbed. Criminals freely roam for snatching money, mobiles, motorcycles and cars from the people because no police vans or rangers seem interested in arresting such criminals.

Especially in Karachi, street crimes have reached at its peak. People do not feel safe and lives in fear. According to them, these crimes are affecting their daily lives and it is very hard for them to survive in such environment. Criminals are equipped with guns and they easily grab their cell phones and motor bikes. Rangers or police cannot be trusted because criminals are moving and looting public in the presence of rangers and police. The situation has reached on alarming stage.

Government should take few major steps and provide security to the public. So the people would live with peace.