Creativity Crossed Borders.

By: Zain Hyder Shah.

Two Students from Laar Campus Badin won 3rd Position in tax justice youth Film Festival

Innovation is the attribute and dwells in an extraordinary minds. Sometimes the ideologies create magic and those ideas delivers can be an individual or group of creative people. In December 2015 two students from Laar campus Badin won 3rd Positionin National Tax justice Youth Film festival in Islamabad with the borrowed handycam.The festival was held in Pakistan National Council of the Arts Islamabad.The main sponsors of this event was Oxfam International which is working in Pakistan since 1973. They Work with government authorities and support local partners to provide better livelihoods to those living in poverty, and provide Humanitarian assistance to those who are affected by any kind of natural disaster. Jawad Ahmed a leading vocalist and singer is an ambassador of tax justice Campaign. The selection criteria was based onsending the documentary short films of maximum 5 minutes and in those 5 minutes the students had to deliver the message of tax injustice in Pakistan.


The Students of kinnarid College, Islamic International University of Islamabad, Arid Agriculture University, Bahuddin Zakariya University, Lahore College of Arts, Sindh University Jamshoro, Mardan University, Laar Campus Badin and several students of other Universities participated. As many as 50 films were shortlisted from 15 Universities all across Pakistan toparticipate in a festival. The reason was to involve youth in awareness of the major issue of tax unjustness in Pakistan. The videos contained varieties of theme. Creativity was overwhelming some feature problem faced by students due to taxes, others showed the suffering of poor labors and farmers. They also highlighted rich is not giving appropriate taxes.

Passion is very much necessary for success. Successful person contain an immense level of passion. Big Achievers e.g. Prof Abdul Salam, Dr. John Nash, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and many others always carried/carrying the passion. It’s very necessary to highlight the main aspect before coming to the real story. So, M. Yaqob and Rabia Iqbal of Badin Laar campus had no new technology in their bags. It was just an idea in their minds and passion in their hearts and that is a reason of their glowing achievement. M. Yaqob borrowed a camera from a friend and made a short film of 90 seconds. Rabia Iqbal already an achiever of essay writing competition, wrote poetry to enhance the video and without any help they successfully made a video and sent it. They were competing with the leading creative institutes of nation and achieved 3rd position.

In the path of creativity one has to go through some sort of processes of practice. Creativitylies in the small towns of Pakistan, not in only megalopolitan cities. Every student and learner has got some unique skills. The only facts are the students of big cities have variety of technologies that they maintained their high rate in scales of Creativity, almost in every field.

The people dwelling in small towns have to be hard worker that they can able to avail the modern technologies. In rare cases it happens that somebody who already belongs to good financial background push their back to bring those peopleinto the world of opportunities, but it happens once in a blue moon. Mostly hard working Students facilitate their financial situation by simultaneously working and keep studying. According to the Psychologists a person’s creativity kills if he works and study at the same time. Focus diverts in many dimension. Only, a very much genius and extra ordinary students have guts to reach at their destination, other kills and sacrifice their dreams for the sake of parent’s will and financial crises.

The Population of Badin District is approximately 1.137 million. Among them few learners experienced to show their creativity in arts or in technology to nation and in globe. Despite of the fact that the under development city Badin is lacking by the modern technology, these two students got chance to show their capability in understanding the serious and not much highlighted issue of tax injustice.

The film is based on 90 seconds and rotates around the life of carpenter who works from morning to eveningat the time of going home, he stops at store to buy wheat and vegetables for his family,but he didn’t have much money to buy all at once. The situation brought options, either to buy rice and wheat or vegetables. This film succeed in the competition. How hard the competition is, if you realize that you competing with the best colleges of nation such as National College of Arts and Centre of excellence in Art and design. The success is no doubt a very beautiful feeling but achieving it when you have the best opponents is an amazing feeling.

Creativity has no limits. The region which is under development in Pakistan, also contains many innovative people in every field. The students of small towns have a barrier in between creativity and success, less technologies and high level of stress are major elements behind killing of their innovative minds. Mostly, Students face the financial crises and in case they do not have financial crises then creativity dies on the moment when they come to know that they have to follow the dreams of their parents to live a life according to the family rituals by joining family business.

Here, Career Counselling is veryimportant and awareness is very much necessary. The technologies should be available in the small regions as well. The regional Educational sectors of Government and NGO’S have to play the important role regarding this issue. The tradition of motivating only the students of big cities had to cross the boundary to move some miles. So, the creation of innovative people will never stops at a point. By giving the primary needs to the students, will motivate them and it will grow the spirit in them to work hard and remain focused on one goal. America, Europe, China, Japan are considered to be the best lands of creative people. It happened just because their primary focus is Education.

Pakistan can also be enlisted in the categories of most innovative countries. If once the education will become the first priority for the citizens and Government as well.The students like M. Yaqoub and Rabia Iqbal dwells in every small town of our nation. Only they need to be polish and focused. This can only happen if once they get complete motivation and awareness to use their ideas by having the modern technology available in their institutes.