“Deemak ka mukamal khatama”, “National training fashion colleges”, “Super kote Paints”, “Humsafar marriage bureau”, “The hope school admissions are open hurry up”… these are some of the advertisements that are chalked on walls.

“Dear stupid advertisements stop destroying our walls, none of our walls want chalking on them like this. Sincerely, Walls”

As we all knew that advertisements are necessary for running any kind of business to increase their popularity in markets as well as in public peoples. But why wall chalking, is this what’s make you happy? No it’s not! Advertisements are necessary to promote its value; but where it’s mentioned that wall chalking is necessary? If it isn’t necessary so why are you destroying the walls.

Near my area, I searched around for some walls that how people are using walls for their purpose. Amazing! that I found all of them wall chalked. Most of them were chalked with advertisements related to beauty salons, homeopathic medicines clinic, marriage bureau’s, including the political events and much more. Doing such work is destroying the beauty of walls it’s not even attracting people towards it. Even though our most popular networks as “Zong sab keh do” and “Telenor talk shawk” were painted on walls with their packages to promote their service. It’s so embracing for the publicity of your products, you are finishing the entire beauty of the walls which may represent your country somehow; even it is finishing the beauty of your country too.

Since we started watching television, we glanced so many advertisements day by day even on daily basis we are able to view a new one. For increasing the value of your product or letting others know that a new item has been launched television is enough for it neither walls. There is no need for making the walls dirty. Perhaps, the majority is doing the same. Besides this, I could find some sentences written, like place is empty for rent please contact, did we finished all the states agencies, who hires the costumers for renting houses or shops or even selling them further?

“Wall chalking is an illegal exploitation of private property which ruins the aesthetics of the city”. This is giving a very ugly look to the city.

In other words, street walls are considered as the source of beauty, this beauty is vanishing, this system is usually blamed for such cheap marketing tactics but it is in fact, somehow we peoples are responsible for it. By seeing these wall chalking of different parties, seller of various products, approximately each and every wall seems like those pages of the books which are having negative aspect on our society.

While searching me had a conversation with few people around, most of them were against it. They all wanted them to be removed. On the way, I saw a painter who was painting something on the wall; I did like to question him that why is he doing it so? The first answer for him was money, when I asked him again so he told that we do paint such things so that people may get attracted to it and could buy their product.

Amazing, that answer just annoyed me. Somehow it can be stated that these people are not in a will to stop this wall chalking, received the same answer again none of them cares.

Likewise, we all should think about this issue seriously and should take certain steps to solve this problem which can save the beauty and prestige of these walls and this is our first and for-most duty. This is not only the duty of our country's authorities but of all nation. Because they represent the country Pakistan and we have to take it on the peak of success, this could only be possible when we stop chalking on walls so that it may not annoy the people, the beauty of our country, city and homes.