Media Person To Trainer: Qazi Asif

By: Sabhiya Mansoor

When I was a kid I had wonderful memories of my childhood, specially the loving memories of my father, I still felt that waronth loving feeling. The way he talks to me, everything that reminds me that kindness of my father means a lot to me,I met Qazi Asif, at the workshop Organized by department of Mass Communications with the collaboration of WMC, the time when I was introduced to Mr. Qazi Asif & he was told that I am daughter of Mansoor Alam, I feel that compassion into his eyes and that moment I felt so emotional it reminds me.

my father and I was wondering how he was popular and loved among his friends, Sir Qazi Asif was friends with my father during his day at university in late 1960s, it talk Mr. Asif about his life and carrier he told that he was born in khai, A small villege “Khai Meyon” near Qambar Shadad Kot, the place of many talented personalities.

My family was known as Aritst not only this by and my poet journalists belongs to Qamber, Jami Chandio, Ayoub Shaikh Poet, Atish Sindhi, Peral Qambarand there is a long list of such talented people.


 Further while interviewing and come to know Mr. Qazi Asif was graduated and Master from Sindh University in 1989 in Political Science that was very interesting to know that he came in journalism in accidently as he applied in daily Jung Newspaper and was selected, and he was the first sindhi journalist in any urdu newspaper, as a matter of fact.

 it was way too challenging to work a sindhi working in urdu newspaper and he neutrally play his part and worked sincerely during his time in jung newspaper he started a segment in jung mid weed magazine in which he included and published articles on topis profiles of writer, poets, historians history and many other thins related to the people of Indus in “Mehran Rang”.


Asking about the memorable achievements of his life he field so energetic to tell me that during the time of jung news in 1992 he was member of the interviewing panel where and get chance to interview many prominent International Political Personalities like V.P Sing (Former Prime Minister of India), Shaikh Hasina Wajid, Politician and former P.M Bangladesh, Man Mohan Adhakari, Former P.M of Nepal and our Beloved and famous among all Former P.M of Pakistan our Beloved Shaheed Mohtarama Bhutto, further he told me about several documentaries for P.T.V, Karachi. On Sociopolitical Topics.

After working in Daily Jung, Mr. Qazi Joined Daily Dawn Newspaper in 1995.

When I asked him what messege would he like to give us (Studens & the new young generation he replayed with the Beautiful verses of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai R.Allhie

And he also shared the autograph given by Shamherul Hyderi to him which was written, on his dairy when he was young.

So message in same to the youth that live long and workhard for the betterment of the society and out country.

It was great pleasure to talk to someone who was friends with my late father  and I was enjoyed having conversation with him.