Begging, A Curse

By: Imran Malik

In every civilized society social evils are eroding the roots of stable culture and its values. Begging has become an abusive and criminal industry all around the world, and considered as most insulting or shameful.


Begging and beggars are the worst issue that our country is facing today. A beggar can earn Rs200 to 300 per day through different techniques.

There are two types of beggars. Those who are deserving while others are non-deserving beggars

Deserving beggars need our attention and care in real sense and they can be identified by checking their background and physical appearance.

Unemployment, low salary, homelessness and no government support force such people to start begging.

Most of non-deserving beggars have become professional beggars. They are in organized groups who had distributed areas among them. Beggars are also a source of criminal tendency, such as intrusion robbery, prostitution, sexual abuse etc.

Beggars are found everywhere at traffic signals, parks, markets, outside the mosques etc. They have their own style and art of begging. Sometimes they start crying to create a pity for them.

In our daily routine we find beggars in Sindh University at zero point, canteen etc. These beggars follow the students and convince to give them money: “Allah Ke Naam Pe De De Baba, Teri Lambi Umar Hogi, Tumhara Paper Acha Ho". Students often listen these utterances. Mostly beggars use emotional words to get attention of passerby.

Beggars live in huts, wear old and dirty clothes to get sympathy, many of their children do not focus on their education and make a successful career for them but they focus on earning money to fulfill their needs.

Their children have adopted begging as their profession. Serious efforts are needed to be taken to reduce this abusive act in the society.