Fine Arts Bring Colors To Our Life :Parveen Siyal

By: Fatima Mustafa

Parveen Siyal, a retired senior teacher of Govt Girls Secondary School was born in Kotri. She is Masters in Fine Arts and also worked in Hyderabad Board Office. She taught Sindhi, Urdu, and English and also Quran Shareef to females.

Q:Why did you choose to become a teacher?

A: Firstly, I did not want to be a teacher in my past my aim was to be an Engineer but Fine Arts was God gifted to me and I was good in this field so, I decided to teach students drawing.

Q: How do you many manage your work and your family?

A: There are a lot of difficulties for female, especially when she gets married in early age because she comes in new environment but my family supported me and I managedeverything.  If family is supportive then there is no need to panic.  I do not mix-up my work and family together andtry to manage properly.

Q: What qualities you think make a good teacher?

A: There are many qualities to be a good teacher but as for me the two most important qualities are punctuality and patience. A teacher who always appears in timely manner is a good example for the students to follow. Another important quality is to make good relationship with other teachers and non-teaching staff.

Q: As a drawing teacher, how do youattract students towards this subject?

A: It depends on participation of every student in class but when I teach them I make good impression towards students I tell them thesignificance of Fine arts that it bring colors to our life. Mostly girls take interest in drawing as compared to boys. I use to relate the subject with normal life and give them examples so they take more interest in it.

Q: How funds are transferred between students of your school?

A: Funds are transferred in a fair way and on merit basis. We distributefree books and cash for activities of students.Students who take keen interest in studies also get free tuitions.

Q: As a Girls School teacher, give any advice to the girls?

A: I am also mother of a daughter so I suggest my all students who all are my daughters that they should be bold and active,because this is modern era and girls have equal rights. They should follow great female leaders like Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto who sacrificed their life for the sake of democracy. If we follow these great personalities we will never lost our way.