Laar Rich In Resources But, Still Poor

By: Ghulam Sarwar Jagsi

Sindh's lower part is known as Laar. This southern part Sindh is rich in natural resources like natural gas and oil, but its infrastructure is in depilated condition.

Thousands of people living in this area lack health and education facilities. Some industries and factories set up in the area have made the situation awful for the residents. Sugar mills release toxic material and poisonous water into the lakes. As a result, ecosystem of fresh water lakes is being destroyed. Fertile lands are rendered barren due to release of polluted water and waste from the factories.

This area generates revenue for the country through its cash and food crops such as sugar cane, sunflowers and rice. But due to illegal storage of crops by mill owners and government officials the farmers are compelled to trade their produces at throw away prices.

Laar was considered peaceful but now the picture is completely changed. Social evils are spreading in this area like some other disturbed parts of the provinces.

It has low literacy rate and have less awareness about their rights. Unemployment is also the main problem of this area.

Irrigation system is not working well hence remote areas of the district, like Gholarchi and Tando Bago face shortage of water throughout year.

The NGOs are active but their role is questioned as on ground no work whatsoever existed.

Lawless and lack of awareness are the main problems which have made life of the people miserable and are hindering the development of the area. It appears due to mismanagement and lack of interest by authorities have made bad picture of this area. That is why the people of these areas are still living in Dark Ages.

In this modern age where the advancement can be seen in every walk of life, Laar people in spite of their resources are neglected by the authorities. Will authorities pay attention for improvement in the infrastructure of this area?