Who Has Luxurious Life In This Era? Educated Or Skillful People!!!


The 21st century, is the century of modern technology and king of all centuries because of inventions and different technologies like mobile phones, 3D projectorsand so on. From these inventions we are getting benefits and spending easier life. But the dispute is who discovered these inventionseducated people or skillful people?

Education is the weapon through which we are informed about world but skill is the working material of that information which we get from education. If we see towards China, many technologies, nowadays, are being invented there. So, Chinese people are more educated or skillful? People of China say that we are the biggest marketers in the world, mostly products in markets of different countries are ours,we will close every market by launching our product and the lock which will be used to close of every market, will be of China.

The market has changed drastically for skilled people. There is a growing demand for skills.A highly skillful person may fall under the category of professionals, such as doctors and lawyers.In the low category there are electricians, computer operators, administrative assistants, law enforcement officers and financial technicians etc.

In the human society, every person seeks the better job for better life style. As initially, human used to live in the caves then they built houses of wood to live, now these houses have turned into stone-made houses. They also introduced the banglows and cottages for fulfilling wishes of luxurious life.

Surveys show,there are about 60% educated people and 40% skillful people who are found to spend luxurious life in this era.

Educated people earn money with the sincerity of their profession as same as skillful people do. But at times skillful people want to earn much money for the sake of keeping their standard well and in this matter they try everything to earn more that they go through unethical ways.

Skillful people are called to be businessman in this era because after learning skills, they go through their own businesses for the sake of earning. They usually apply legal way to earn but sometimes they also apply illegal waysto earn.Educated people have more knowledge that how to tackle the challenges. They know the beauty of world, this is why by this feeling,and they usually go on world tour.But skillful people have less time to arrange these types of arrangements in their lives because of businesses of their job.

Educated people have to study more in their childhood for becoming something in their future lives butskillful people have to see much hardships from the beginning of their career till the end. Educated people have less salary package to tackle their regular basis expenditures but skillful people have more chances to earn better in businesses and other part time jobs but skillful people have to leave their relaxation time, siesta, waking up late in morning and many more for the earning.

Literate people promotes sincerity, education, peace, information about old things and the most important thing to be patriotic with their country. People of Pakistan are being known as educationist in their own fields, like after clearing the most important CSS Examination, they are posted to another country to promote their own country in a better way through embassy. But skillful people do not get chance to present their own country because they do not have degree to show. It shows that education is most important in every field because it is the weapon to tame firstly ourselves then world and the key to face anything without losing the temperament.