Multi Talented Person: AYAZ ALAM ABRO

By: Sabhiya Mansoor

Art is a gift of God. Everyoneis born with a unique talent, andthe one, who is born with the talent like art, is more blessed, because he is capable to seethe world like no one else can. He has power to express through colours, words and sometimes by gestures.

The soil of Sindh is blessed with many talented people, who are known for their contributions in the fields of Art and Literature. There is no doubt that the Abro family has contributed a lot to Sindhi literature and culture; like Dara Alam,AyazAlam, MansoorAlam, Tariq Alam, Saqi, and QaisAlamAbro.

AyazAlamAbro is a talented person; he is artist, poet, script writer, photographer and much more. He was born on May 3rd, 1950 at district Qambar. He got his early education in Government High School Qambar, after passing class Eight, he was appointed as a Drawing Teacher at the same school, and taught the subjects like Art and Geometry. In 1962,Abro family migrated to Jamshoro.

He passed his matriculation from Government High School Hyderabad in 1966. During that time he participated inٻارن جي ٻاري that was broadcasted from Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad.

AyazAlamwas fond of reading books since his childhood, his passion of reading triggered this quest of writing and he started writing stories, which were published in “Gul Phul”, “Baranji Bari”,and “Nonehal”. Later,he started script writing for Radio Pakistan. His famous plays were واچوڙي جي ووڙ,هيڪل جندڙي، سوڀارو سانول .

He also scripted the weekly programs “Mehfil-e-Shab”,“Ghar shad watan shad” and in 1981 documentary program, Phalkara, model Village of Badin, which was nominated as the Best International Program by Asian Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development Malaysia.

AyazAbro started his career as a Script writer for Radio and Television. His first TV script ڏات جي ڏيهه ۾was based on life of well-known writer Ali Baba, andbecame the best drama of the year 1978. It was published in Quarterly Mehran Magazine in December 1978.

In 1982, the documentary film of AyazAbro“Mir Bahar” went for the nomination of “The Berlin International Film Festival” and won 1st price. According to him, it was about the destruction which Manchar Lake will face in the future, it was a research based documentary. Heacted in that documentary film as a main character.

AyazAbro is a multi-talented person. He has written a number of columns and research articles for various newspapers, most of his articles are research based.Heis among the people whostrive to keep our culture alive in the form of Art and Literature. He is a very kind and sophisticated person by heart. One can see the inside reflection by reciting his poetry. He is very patriotic to his motherland, his love for his language is rich, and his poetry is very melodious. Though he has not yet published any of his book but we are expecting to read in a near future.