Multi Dimensional Personalty: SYED AIJAZ SHAH

By: Jawad Ahmed

Life in this world, is a journey where everyone has to face troubles, sorrows, hurdles, happiness and joys. Ups and downs are part of life. But, a successful person is one who overcome with all these difficulties and remain steadfast to accomplish his or her goals.

Sir Syed Aijaz Shah, is an ideal and a role model for many students. He achieved his goals after facing a lot of hurdles in his student life. But, he overcame all the difficulties and tried again and again for better consequences. He passed his graduation in law from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. He has three Masters degrees. Masters in Criminology, from Sindh University, Masters in Zoology, from Karachi University and Masters in Chemistry, from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

After that, he gave Central Superior Services (C.S.S) Examination, but unfortunately not allocated. He never lost his hope, with his great determination and hard work, he gave Combine Competitive Examination and achieved success in it. He was allocated in Labour Department. Now, he is a Judge in Labour Court. Aijaz was Malaria Control Officer in District Badin and Lecturer in Government College. He often told to his student that whatever I am today, is just because of my parents and teachers.

After setting his first target, he worked for the second target. He says making own life happy is easy but making other life worth living is a great deed. He set Civil Services Academy for accomplishment of this target. This is his home academy where he is teaching for last 36 years. As other academies take high fee for the preparation of competitive examination here, he is taking a little amount. He prepare students for different competitive examinations like Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) and Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). More than 1200 of his students passed several examinations for different posts.

Aijaz’s dressing style, spectacles, fine moustache and clear voice reflects his simplicity. One of his student who is now an Assistant Registrar Cooperative Housing Society said he is a good instructor for his students. He not only teach his students about examination but also teach them to differentiate between good or evil, right and wrong, ethics of society and respect of others.

In this modern time when everyone is very much busy in his own life he is a man who is busy in making others life better. At the present time, career counseling for youngster is a big question but he always welcome those students who want to take suggestions about their future planning. He is playing a vital role is society by teaching to youngsters.

“Do not try to become a man of success but try to become a man of valuable”.