Children Park: Naushahro Feroze

By: Ali Raza

It is said that beauty is in the eyes of beholder. A fleeting look on Sindh proves that this saying is true. If we look the places around us, where we are living, there are so many attractive things forus, there are different sorts of places where people can relax,enjoy, get fresh and spenda good time. The parks always seem to be the place where we go to get relaxation.

In NaushahroFeroze,there are different places where people can get together with family,friends,colleagues and others.NaushahroFerozeis 193kilometres from Hyderabad.There is a Park in the city, named as Children Park but people of all ages come there for relaxing their selves and to forget the pain and sorrow.

As every beautiful thing become well-known and famousdue to someone or something, this place is also famous for the beautiful and heart alleviating greenery and cooling atmosphere. There are so many things for the pleasure seekers, along with beautiful nature scenery, there are slides and zoo for children,pond, benches for elders to sit over there, sophisticated environment and much more. People say that they mostly come in this park with their families, for them it is the best place because it has fresh air.  Aged people mostly come for relaxation purpose.

The large number of students and kids also come for entertainment. There, everyone finds the things of interest according to their age.Kids love to visit zoo, where theysee and touch their favourite animals and give them fruits to eat. Mostly kids like peacocks, elephants and ducks,others come for slides,some children bring bats and ball with them for playing games. If we talk about women, most of them come with their children toenjoy and changing their environment. Mostly people visit this parkin evening and at night.

Another thing which attracts the people is, cleanliness. The management of the park is very good in the matter of cleanliness. The different beautiful cutting styles of trees and flowers also gives a wholesome look to the visitors.Various flowers including beautiful red rose bring smiles on everyone’s face. The pond of clean water increasesthe beauty of this park.

A huge crowd of people attend the events organised in the park. On holidays a large number of people bring food, fruits and other things with them for eating. People from all over the city come for enjoyment and spend a lot of time there.The security of Children Park is very good. Police and guards are present there every time. Visitors said, we enjoy in such parks where we can get every sort of relaxation and more importantly the kids mostly enjoy a lot. It is a good thing for us.