Resounding Success Of Artificial Jewellery

By: Rubab Bhatti

Jewelry is an integral part of Pakistani women's life style. It compliments a woman in every occasion and festival. It's not wrong to say that "The Beauty of women is incomplete without jewellery."

 Today inflation has gone to such a level that most of us now have a limited lifestyle with daily needs. One of the things that most women desire is to have jewellery that they can wear and add charm to their beauty but many of them can't afford it nowadays due to its expensiveness.

 Prices of gold are also talking with air.  It is limited to the rich classes only as they can afford it .Rise in gold prices has forced the people to buy artificial jewellery. Women are now showing less interest in silver or gold jewellery but rush to purchase artificial jewellery.

 Goldsmith of Ajmeeri Jewellers admits that new prices of gold have changed the whole scenario for people. He said that gold had declined the customer's purchasing power.

 In the past when the price of gold was much low, people were able to buy gold for long-term investment, but now trend is changing and the fashion is merging with new technology, which brings jewellery with new look.

 In this modern era we could see that artificial jewellery is getting popular among women of all ages because of its affordability and attractiveness. Brides like the idea of getting artificial jewelleries even on their weddings as these items look as beautiful and alluring as real ornaments.

 There are so many varieties available in artificial jewellery that a woman gets confused on choice of jewellery.

There was a time when there were only few stalls displaying in various markets of the city. However now, these stalls could be seen every where in markets from bangles to anklets, necklaces to rings etc everything is displayed at these stalls in such an attractive manner that girls can’t stop themselves to buy. The use of semi-precious stones, metals wood, plastics add beauty in jewellery items and they not only look beautiful but also precious.

 Imrana Naeem, a young women doing job in private school she said,"The most interesting thing is that it compliments your dress in a way you want whether it is something formal or casual.

 “It comes up with various varieties at reasonable prices, matches all kinds of dresses and available in terms of different designs, shapes, colours and sizes”, she added.

In past mostly women prefer to wear gold but now as the things are changing people interest has also been changed but the demand of artificial jewellery is also increasing.

They love to buy artificial jewellery. As you can see these days even our media is promoting the artificial jewellery through different TV shows, on ramp by models in catwalks. Now it is getting popular amongst people so dealers of artificial jewellery are also making it more expensive.

 In markets, shopkeepers reduce the prices after long bargain but even then the prices of gold are getting higher every day instead of getting low.

We assume that in future ladies would wear just artificial jewellery which looks more beautiful than gold and gold would be just used for economical purposes in different states and countries.