Educational Disorders In Sindh

By: Munium

Education is the soul of body for every nation, if the soul becomes weak, delicate or ill, drilled by one’s own evil deed, apparently his body is of no use without education.

According to above statement, Pakistan is despite having 68 years of independence, we are still considered as a developing country, reasons and causes are apparent as the truth that our educational system especially Sindh have not achieved the competition level to compare and compete West.

So far as our Sindh is concerned, regretfully, there are a piles of issue to discuss with. But no doubt these educational setbacks either belong to Sindh Government’s educational authority as well as society too. Both are accountable to their deeds.

Although Sindh Government goes with the main problem that is the flood of corruption which has not only covered other institutions of Sindh, but it has also filled the educational institutions up with its flooded waves of corruption and devastated merit in Sindh.

Another point to be discussed is that disorganized and lack of computerized attendance system is one of the foremost reasons in educational mismanagement in Sindh, due to this many students tend to think their attendance will be reported clear and at least with average days of attendance. Though this is the reason there is less strength in schools and colleges while their parents are unaware for this condition. Although reality is that their beloved children wander aimlessly around the streets and in alleys with their classmates.

And what to say about final exams? Students are unaware of the ‘assistance’ or by their ‘supporting staff’ for promoting copy culture and making this society ‘more honest’ with their duties than they are.

On the other hand, basically in Sindh our society is also unaware of the importance of having education. They do not recognize the value and importance of education in this modern era. In Sindh, there are two types of people existing among us, one who even do not know and, maybe, do not want know due to their ignorance and due to the lack of awareness of having good education these days, that what is education and how an educated and learned person differ from an ignorant one, the second one belongs to those people who have this negative thinking approach which usually occupies the masses’ mindset and mentality that the education is just like a formality and a stepping stone to a job; they do not think that quality education is a basic and most indispensable right of their children and they have a great responsibility for the posterity and for the upcoming generation who will be the future and the destiny of Pakistan, they consider their children only being a part of their family, but they do not contemplate about this that their children will also be the citizens of Pakistan.