Success Demands Hardwork : Naima Bhatti

By: Fatima Jawaid

Naima Bhatti was born in Kunri, district Umerkot. She did her B.Sc and M.Sc in Zoology. Since 2011 she is working in Radio Pakistan Hyderabad.

Q: Tell me about yourself and your educational experience? 

A: I have masters degree in Zoology, but in 2005 when Shaukat Aziz launched FM 108 I started my carrier from as a guest producer on contract. Produced many regional programs and in 2007 FM Mithi was on top in its programs. In 2009 became a assistant producer with trainings. Transferred to Karachi worked about 1 year on Prime Time, took many personalities interview, student, women's, and sports program. Though my medium is Urdu but I have command on Sindhi, Marwari, Dhatki and Punjabi  languages too. In 2011 joined Radio Pakistan Hyderabad In 2012 I did my masters in Mass Communication from University of Sindh with 2nd position.

I have been always getting positions throughout my academic years. It's about 4,5 years I'm working here in Radio Pakistan Hyderabad as a producer and produced many programs like '' Sub Pakistan Rabta'' ''Hum Nojawan'' on national level.

Q: What are a responsibilities of a producer?

A: The  responsibility of a producer is to keep in mind it audience that what they want to listen. Its should be update and creative for the listeners.

Q: You belong to a backward area so how did you faced all the problems?

A: Just because of the Grace of Allah and the great support of my family especially my father because my area is very much sensitive that's why I m only one who reached to university for higher education from Umerkot. 

Q: How would you justify that the job of radio is not as progressive as other professions?

A: I do not think so. Because internationally and after modern technology radio has become portable. If even any connection has been dropped due to any disaster the radio is the only medium to provide news and information. 

Q: Which out of these are important in your Profession? Knowledge, Humor, Intelligence? 

A: All these three are important, knowledge is for thinking and idea and the other two is for good flow of narrate or communication and helpful to control the suddenly situation in life.

Q: What preparations do you do before your program starts?

A: Before starting any program i must know topic on which I have to speak, including arrangements, script, then edit and check that script if needed. There are three production stages first is pre production then production and last post production. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in future?

A: Radio it's really a good opportunity as its range has also increased. There are many scholarships opportunities for the producers at voice of America, China, Japan urdu services so I'm looking forward for those scholarships.

Q: Would you suggest the media students to Join radio?

A: After completing education students should  join to watch and conceive how to do work in a well manner with team and or some time circumstances too. 

Q: Any message for students of media?

A:  There are many difficulties in our ways but if we work hard we get success and twinkle like a star all over the world.