Give And Take Love, It Possesses An Ease: Rangrez

By: Nabeel Ahmed Abro

Indubitably, within the world, myriad of the personalities make themselves as a big history.  In this connection, it is a very good thing to illuminate one of the great personalities of Sindh. Yes, it is none other than Ghulam Hussain Rangrez. He was not only a Teacher and an Advocate but also a poet, writer and enthusiastic political worker in his time.

He was born in “Laar Patt”, a city in Mirpur Bathoro. Despite of hurdles came up with his life, he wrote his history. Such a sensitive and a gentleman passed his Matriculation from High School Mirpur Bathoro. After he passed his Metriculation; became a primary teacher in Education Department.

Instead of having a job, he continued his studies. Later he was appeared in Intermediate examination at the Sachal Arts College Hyderabad and he had done his M.A in Political Science from University of Sindh. After completion of his B.ED from University of Sindh in 1975, he did LLB too in 1977.

In the time his yore, he was inspired by the Communist leader and literate Muhammad Qasim Pathar and Abdul Fatah Abd, that ispiration created his interest in the literature. He was also impressed from Sain G.M Syed's thought. He had said “when he along with his colleagues used to gather with  Abdul Fatah Abd and Qasim Pathar they used to read the books of G.M Syed loudly”.

After he got big inspirations from such a great personalities, started writing their Novels and poetry. His first poetry was published in monthly Mehran magazine. There was an unprecedented thing that his poetry was sung by popular Sindhi singers like Sarmad Sindhi, Jiji Zarina Baloch , Ahmed Mughal, Ghulam Shabbir Samo and others too. In the current days, he writes columns for daily Sindh Express newspaper twice in week with the tittle of “wechara Dhara”.

During the Period of 1988-89 he served as a Secretary General for Sindhi Adabi Sangat and was elected without any hurdle came up with him. In 1994, he resigned from the Education Department and became a lawyer. He said when his friends went to Larkana to meet Comrade Sobho Gian chandani, asked them “where was Rangrez”? His friends told him that he had resigned from Education Department and started Advocating, then Comrade replied “now he had become a lair”.

Ghulam Hussain Rangrez got guidance from Abdul Fatah Abd, a well known poet and researcher in the field of Poetry and Literature of his time. Abdul Fatah Abd was not only related with “Bazim Soofiyai Sindh” but was also blessed with the knowledge of socialism. He was also active in Social struggles and took his lot of interest in Literature activities. He was accolade by his company at every step of his Struggles/movement.

Rangrez was also an active worker of National Movement. He had also got imprisonment for 8 months. He said when they had arranged a Birthday Celebration of Sain G.M Syed at Karachi, Ibrahim Munshi read the poetry against Federalism. After that Police arrested, and they were remained at Central Jail Karachi for eight months. During that period of his imprisonment, he studied a lot and wrote poetry and also drew sketches of allies Ibrahim Munshi and Ghulam Hussain Sahil Azad. His column “Je chawan sach “was published in Awaami Awaz for a long period,  that was his jail diary. He said it is the fact that world's best books are written in the prisons.

Rangrez was the blue eye of Sain G.M syed and a big fan of Ibrahim Joyo. His first poetry book is “Akhin ujj uppar” and other different books are “Sarmad Cha tho Soche”, “Wakhar So Wahi”, “ Ghulam Ja Thekra”, “Sonh Suhai Soch” and his autobiography “ Khana Badosh Rooh Ji katha” will also be published very soon.

He migrated for time and again from Mirpur Bathoro towards Karachi due to the separation of two young sons and a daughter. He never forgot them rather he tried to change his mind towards his a life.

At the time of return Rangrez carried a sweet smile and asked me to stay tonight but I replied! Sir I will come back to meet you for such a massive gossip very soon.