Hyderabad Club

By: Areeba Saher Zai

Hyderabad, city of winds, has a few but very good recreational and entertainment places. It has clubs which are used for different upper and middle class people. Hyderabad Club is a new addition in the list, as city has Gymkhana, Diyaldas club, and Press Club since years. Hyderabad Club is situated at Thandi Sarak Hyderabad, beside Niaz Stadium. It is also known as SSB Hyderabad Club and SSB Sports Complex because in Hyderabad Club there are lots of games facilities are available where people and kids come for enjoying and playing. 
One of the major features of Hyderabad Club is that different games like Tennis, Football, Cricket, Snooker, Badminton, Golf, Table Tennis, Hockey and Basket Ball have been allotted separate places. The club has also cycle racing. Mostly people come here at evening after complete there routine work and get relaxed. We can say that it is very unique and an important place where people feel safe because without membership no one allowed there. Due to membership the environment is really credible. It is also famous for the gyming, physical fitness center and there is facility of Gym for male and female. There is separate area for male and female for gym. 
The club has two parks where people reach for jogging and physical fitness. Sometimes patients also there for mentally relaxation. The grass and trees of such parks are making the pleasant natural environment that give very fresh and cold air to breath and help to relax their body. In summer season people  there for swimming because in this club swimming pools are also available. 
Hyderabad Club has also a dining hall and the dining area is centrally air conditioned. People enjoy delicious food there after jogging, swimming and playing games. Some times the club is used for holding cultural, social and literary meetings. People come there at evening as their daily routine.
The club administration also organizes many big events and functions like concert night etc, people come with their families and enjoy a lot the concerts and musical shows. 
There are many guest rooms where people stay take rest and feel comfortable because the staff of the club maintain rooms and give pleasant environment to the members of Hyderabad club.
The Hyderabad club is playing a vital role for relaxation and entertainment, recreation and gathering activities the members. Hyderabad club gives many facilities and activities for better health, for better fitness, and for entertainment, because everyone needs mentally relaxation.