Government Is Responsible For Health Facilities

By: By Ali Gul Khoso

Every year the world observes Health Day. On this day around the globe thousands of events mark the importance of health for productive and happy lives. The event of world health day reminds us that the health of an individual or nation are of paramount importance as we know "Good Health" adds life to years.

But, in our country, we usually give less importance to health which is the reason of such worst standard of health as compare to another countries.

In Pakistan, a little amount approximately less than 2% is allocated for health sector. That indicates, the government is giving less priority to health sector. if we visit any health care facility particularly in town, rural areas we will these health units even  lacking basic facilities.

There are many reasons for this state of affairs in health sector in Pakistan. The most important is high growth rate of population. Today the infant mortality rate is still high i.e. 76 per 1000 live births while 276 per 100,000 women die due causes related to child birth, lack of facilities and doctors to serve health problems.

The others causes included lack of clean surgical accessories in the hospitals, shortage of free medicines in medical stores because mostly the population is poor hence they cannot afford the extra burden of health care.

According to independent estimates 70% expenses of health are not in reach of common people. It is observed, in the developed countries 100%health expenses are borne by the government.

Now it's a time to demand health facilities which are basic need of every human being. The government should be responsible to provide basic health facilities to every individual in rural as well as urban areas .

Programs, seminars, workshop and other activities should be organized for creating awareness among the public about problems and remedies.

Different health rescue teams should be constituted that could help in disaster like floods, earthquakes etc.New inexpensive sanitation method should be applied in both urban and rural areas.