Music-The Rhythm Of Life

By: Pireh Bukhari

Great Sufi poet and inventor of musical instrument Tamboora, Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai said that music is food for soul.

The poetry of Shah is in rhythmic form therefore the people of Sindh are singing the poetry for centuries. Azaan (calling for prayers) is also chanted in rhythmic manner.

Rhythms are in our surroundings, in each minor and giant moving object, either relaxing or torturing. Even the heart beat has a rhythm of hub dub. 
People listen to music according to their moods. Some people listen music for enjoyment and fun whereas other use music for religious practices as the Hindus does in temples and Christians in church.
According to researchers, music has correlation with physical and mental health of human beings that can ecstasy anyone up when he feels down and can calm him when he is fuming upon something.

Music has immense power to change the moods and attitudes from sad to happy, happy to emotional, lazy to active etc.

That is why music now can be used as therapy for releasing the depression therefore even hospitals also exercise music therapy for patients in order to help them in lessen pain, to move, to calm patients, to ease muscle tension, and for many other benefits. This is not surprising, as music affects the body and mind in many powerful ways.
No doubt, music is a symbol of harmony. National anthem is an example of peace amongst the people of the country as on television, a unique kind of unity can be found when anthem of the country is played.

Music is the language which gives messages of love by melodies whether it is played by anyone from anywhere. 
There are no borders of age or community in music. It is hard to find anyone who hates music because as the rhythm of heart beat is essential for life.

It drives the pulses of the veins and circulate the fluid of blood, similarly, the beat of music is important for soul because it strengthens the tempos, notes and intonations that expresses the emotional sensations and also explains our inner feelings of happiness, sadness, joys, pains or romantic moods and it is difficult to live without both of them.