Process Of Roshni

By: Ayaz Lghari

Trilingual weekly Roshni is laboratory publication of Mass Communication Department, University of Sindh.

It publishes news, articles, features, profiles and interviews of students, while all works of the newspaper is done by the students of BS Part-III and M.A (Previous) and practices as journalists work in a newspaper.

It is honour for this department that it is bringing out this weekly regularly and it is the only department in the Pakistan's universities which is doing so regularly.

The work starts with the inspiring lectures, which are delivered by senior journalist and visiting faculty Sohail Sangi, under his supervision students bring out the newspaper.

The students who get admission have zero experience in journalism in that case lectures direct and persuade them to write.

Through lectures and presentations students learn how to prepare newspaper and its contents.
Editorial board, a team of Roshni editors prepare material of the newspaper.

Editorial board is divided in Sindhi, Urdu and English sections. Students are selected on editorial board respectively. The editors edit news, features, articles, interviews and profiles.

The area of reporting for Weekly Roshni is university so every student of BS Part-III is allotted a department as beat and student has to act as reporters and collect atleast one news from the beat.

As number of students is high so adjoining universities are also taken as beat. The Roshni also covers news of other universities of the province, some times educational and social issues also find space in the columns of this laboratory publication.

Students visit their respective beat, gather news and hand them over to the coordinator, a student who manages all the working of newspaper. After checking the facts the coordinator pass on these beat report to the editors.

This practical work carries marks, therefore all students participate in this exciting work of journalism and chase the time. Like beat reports, writing piece, and editing also carries marks.

For guidance and help to these cubs in the journalism, as Sohail Sangi named students included in the editorial board, experienced staff is available in the print media lab.

Publication officer Noor Mohammad Samejo, Fida Hussain Gaho, photo lab technician, Anjum Ara Laghari, media news lab incharge, Waheed Rahi, sub-editor, and Fareed Jamali, paster perform their duties to bring out weekly newspaper. Later, all horses become the tigers of professional journalism.

After editing, then Madam Farheen reviews the pages and finally Chairperson Prof Dr Rizwana Chang approves it for publication. All editors gather in the lab and Fareed Jamali helps the students in pasting and gives useful information about pasting and layout.

Next day of the pasting, copies of published newspaper are brought at the department. Editors gather and put pages in sequence for distribution.

The last stage of the process is distribution and the copies are sent to different departments of the university and some copies are posted to other universities also.