Strikes: A Disturbing Factor For Life

By: Musfira Amean

Strike calls by different political parties and groups have become order of the day at least in the Sindh province. Strike calls have become more frequent as during last few months, there were 36 strike calls.

These strike calls adversely affects education, business and routine life in the cities. As trade activities remain close due to complete shutter down, this reflects into decline of tax revenue and trade which account in billions.

Karachi suffers a loss of approximately Rs 3.15 billion that is not good for a city as well as a country. Karachi is the major revenue generating source for the government.  

Due to the wheel- jam strike, most educational institutions are closed because transport is not on roads and the students couldn't reach their college, school and university.

In this situation, administration is compelled to announce holiday, whether the next day is exam or not. Frequent strike calls distract the students from studies.

 Strike has negative social and corporate effects. Thousands of daily-wage earners are directly exaggerated, for whom even a day without work means a hunger.

Factory workers, shopkeepers and labours, they all work on daily wages and they are exceedingly upshot. Non -availability of public transport in the morning does not allow the government employees to go their offices as well. Few political groups threaten the business men that their shops and business would be attacked if they found these shops opened during the strike.

Strikes make life hard for everyone. One should ask a mother, whose child cries for milk but she can not get it due to strike, ask a sick person who can not get medical aid, a student who can't reach school/college due to unavailability of transport and ask a poor person who can not get food for his children because he earns on daily wages.

Our politicians should sincerely think over it and do look for a way in which a poor man may not be disturbed and bring a peaceful and livable environment in the country.