Lets Make Some Difference

By: Maham Jabeen

Just after Eid days lots of work and new tasks were awaiting. I was enrolled in promotional and marketing department of the group called Aims in Hyderabad.

Its activities are about career counseling, motivational workshop etc. I attended many social programs but this one is going to be more special as I am going to explore ways which appears different to me.

September 14, was the day of our first laurel where we had a crowd of more than 300 students to discover the youth power. 300 not a big figure but for a group of 16 young people like us this figure matters.

The main question was can I make some difference in society? There are also other young people who have courage, skills and talent like Malala Yousuf Zai, Ali Moin Nawazish and Arifa Karim.

Why we can not unite youth on one platform so they can act effectively. Platforms like Youth Parliament, School of Leadership and others are there. We must encourage such youth.

Revivalisms of youth organizations are appreciable at this stage when our youth facing challenges like unemployment, less opportunities and lawlessness.

Pakistan is the luckiest countries as 103 million Pakistanis, or 63% of the population, fall under the age of 25 years. Means more than half of our nation population comprises youth.

Let's be a part of political movements to express our desires and expectations for our country.
You can break the nepotism and corrupt cultures yes you! Ask question, conduct investigation and make some difference.

Why great leader always focuses on the youth importance? Is it about the adolescent age? But the most exciting stage I believe is the time of being young not by age but by actions, enthusiasm and adventurous nature.

We have no time to wait for Messiah or miracle. Don't complain but take actions and do it yourself.
There is light at the end of the tunnel but only if we have the will and courage to pass through.