Deads Also Need Respect

By: Fazeel Naqvi

Graveyards all over the world are given special attention by the authorities for the management of the land of the dead. Cemeteries are known as the last resting place of every living human.

In many religions there is the concept of burial of the dead in a separate piece of land called the graveyard. New concepts of graveyards are being introduced like the garden cemeteries, here in our country we see that our cemeteries are being encroached by our society and the responsible authorities like the municipal department and the cantonment board are asleep.

No management can be seen there, no security of the graves and the corpses. Even thieves don't spare the dead. Once the body is buried they dig up the graves and steal the shroud Kafan sometimes the organs of the body and in some cases the whole bodies are taken away.

Wild animals like dogs and weasels are also a threat for the dead. A survey of a few local graveyards revealed that not only these are the problems with the graveyards but there is also another big issue that needs attention which is encroachment, people are living on the property of the dead.

Houses and commercial plots or buildings are constructed which is a problem. With population growth and death ratio the there is no space for new graves.

The grave diggers say that they have to make room for new graves by destroying old ones! This leaves no room for walking in the cemetery and people have to trample on other graves to get to the graves of their loved ones.

In the year 2006, the Hyderabad District Government took a few steps for this purpose. They made walls around the cemeteries.

Many graveyards like Mir Fazal Town graveyard, Akbari Graveyard, Gulistan e Sajjad graveyard and Baban Shah graveyard were provided compound wall that wild animals could not get inside and in the night there are caretakers who keep eyes on the graves so that it prevents from the disgrace of the graves.

By these arrangement people could also come in the night to visit their relatives graves. But now no other development is seen in the cemeteries, the municipal and the cantonment board need to take some strong steps to stop encroachment of the graveyard shortage of space can be solved and there could be a proper pathway to walk and not to walk over other graves to reach specific graves.

If we cannot provide peace to dead we surely cannot provide it to the living also!