Discrimination In Education In Our Country

By: Zahra Khuzema

Why every parent thinks a hundred times before admitting his/her child to a school? , if there are two options kept infront of them that is private school and government school, parents would prefer private school over the government school.

The root cause why parents do so is that they doubt the quality of education given in the government school, not only the education but the environment as well in which their child would be brought up to be an unknown person.

The parents which can afford private schools they go for it, but the lower class people have no option but to admit their child in government school. Children studying in government school face many problems, few of them are listed below :

·       Teachers which are not trained

·       Politics in the school

·       Corruption highlighted

·       Lacking staff attendance

There are many other problems as well, the students studying there, have to suffer. The syllabus in government schools is same throughout the years, it is so similar to the one in stoneage (old) that the mother of 1970’s has also studied it and the daughter of 2013 is still studying the same.

The standard of this course is pretty low, lot of grammatical mistakes, seldome incorrect sentence construction. Most of the times the text books are in urdu and if in english then it is the worst written english.

It does not matter much that how the texty books are printed, the thing which matters that how the teachers convey their lecture to the students.

Coming back to square one, the syllabus throughout the coun try should be same, so that the education system which has been divided in the name of caste, class and status can come to an end.

The discrimination among the upper class and the lower class has been reached to an extreme, this can only overcome when government will take the initial step which is that atleast the teaching plans and the syllabus should be same and equal for the entire Pakistan. The day is not far when the literacy rate of our country will start escalating.