The Public Sectors Failure In Pakistan

By: Waqar Ali

The public sector is the major part of our economy which facilitates public. Since decade of turmoil, anxiety, fluctuation, number of corrupt people increased in public sector orgainsations.

Some dishonest officers are looting billions of rupees due to poor management. The most affected public sector departments are railways, airlines, energy resources etc.

Railway system was introduced by British Empire in the sub continent. It means Pakistan Railway is 100 years old which saw few minor changes and reforms.

In Europe as well as in many developing countries, trains bogies are replaced after every 10 years. But it's unfortunate in Pakistan Railway there is no concept of any replacement.

Actually, old trains, shortage of fuel, increased corruption and mismanagement are the major contributing factors which are affecting the performance and development of Pakistan Railways.

We had 159 trains, many of them disabled to move. 60 engines of trains failed due to not tuning and repair of engines, 5 trains were burnt by protestors in different incidents and 40 trains are in running condition but these are not earning well.

In these trains, some police officers are also involved in corruption; people do not buy tickets but give bribe to policeman. How these few trains can generate the revenue.

Another big public sector is Pakistan International Airline, PIA. This sector is also towards downfall. Previously PIA was known a good airline in Asia but now due to mismanagements, corruption and irresponsibility, condition of this organization is not good. PIA had 87 planes..

Proper management for every department is must but unfortunately, insincerity with work, corruption, are ruining the departments and the country as well.

To solve all these problems, good performance by the management is must. Every individual should participate in reforming the departments because we should not leave, these departments are our assets.