Effect Of Cartoons On Child Mindset

By: Zahra Khuzema

No doubt, cartoon programs are the source of fun. They portray innocence, fantasies and have its own utopia in which a child gets lost and never wants to come back to the world that exists.

A child's mind is like a blank paper, where we can pen down anything we want to and cartoon programs do the same; they gradually capture the mind of a child.

Sometimes its consequences are positive but on the other hand it has got a negative aspect as well.

It is a matter of importance that should be brought under consideration that how cartoon programs play a negative role for a child.

When a child is watching a cartoon, he thinks himself into that picture and even tries to act like the character from which the child is inspired.

Nowadays, the cartoon programs shown on different cartoon channels are full of fighting, competition, super powers, and a villain and of course a hero that ends up all the criminal activities and saves the day.

The child finds the hero very attractive as he is the dominant personality and kills the villain in the end. The kid tries to act like the cartoon character, tries to be dominant over his family and friends and even fights if his will and wishes are not fulfilled.

Due to this aggressive nature develops in the child and also negativity takes place among the child’s mindset.

When the child grows up, this bossy nature remains inside him and it remains in the person's sub-consciousness. If the things do not work out accordingly, he loses his temper and adapts every wrong way to get what he wants.

It does not conclude that children should be banned from watching cartoon programs, but the parents should keep an eye on their child that to what extent the child is watching TV and what is his reaction after watching it.

The parents should even not fulfill their child's every single demand as it may create a domineering nature within him which can damage child’s personality as it grows.