A Bazar On Wheel

By: Syed Ali Raza

Spiraling inflation of Pakistan has made it difficult for common man to survive. For an average man, it is no longer feasible to make both ends meet with pace of the rapidly growing prices of household goods.

Thus, they are often compelled to shop at different Bachat bazars, landa bazars and Jumma bazars.

For the convenience of lower and middle class of Hyderabad, a Jumma Bazar is held at Khuda Hafiz Board of Latifabad for last thirty years.

Initially, it was a personal effort of few local scrap dealers, who on their wheel carts, kept electronic and other reconditioned items for sale.

But now, this bazar is a main source of livelihood for more than three hundred families. Another interesting fact is that, the whole bazar consists of wheel carts mainly.

Stretching from Khuda Hafiz Board to Raja Ki Kothi, this bazar is spread over a half kilo meter area.

A large variety of items including useable electronics, crockery, bad sheets, carpets, garments like jeans and t-shirts, wooden domestic and office furniture, tools and spare parts, bicycles and wheel chairs, stoves and ovens, wall clocks and wall paintings, wrist watches and many other reconditioned stuff is sold at reasonable prices.

Lower prices with fair quality pulls the crowd. Even the scorching beams of hot sunny days do not affect the continual bustle of this bazar.

Throughout the day, people remain busy in getting themselves a bargain and eventually return home with a gratifying smile on their faces.

Due to increasing complaints of traffic jam in 2006-07, this bazar was shifted to Kanch Mill (Glass Factory), which not only became a cause of great suffer for these vendors, but also brought a deprivation for lower class buyers.

As a result of continuous efforts of vendor's committee and with the permission of municipal officials, it was shifted back to original venue.