Hospital Waste Creating Health Hazards

By: Fazeel Naqvi

It is believed that "CLEANLINESS IS HALF OF FAITH" but in our country we have totally neglected this fact that cleanliness also plays an important role in the development of any country.

Despite several complaints regarding garbage disposal no official has ever paid heed to this issue.

The municipal department is asleep since years as they are not taking this problem seriously.

If the garbage is not disposed properly it becomes nurseries of hazardous germs and insects. Recently country face outbreak of diseases was result of insanitation.

It is a misconception, this problem only exists in rural areas of the country but ground realities are contrary to this conception.

It is a huge problem in the urban areas like Hyderabad, which is also a victim of this problem. At the entrance of Hyderabad we have to cross one of the most popular hospitals of the City Wali Bhai Rajputana.

There is a sea of trash that spreads a very foul smell, unbearable by the human beings, all the the hospital waste dumped neat main gate which is very harmful for the people.

If passer byes come across this dump, they would first need to go to the hospital for their own treatment because there are so many germs in that garbage that could get anyone ill.

Mostly at noon time when the sun is on its peak and that garbage is heating up it produces an extremely toxic smell most of the university points and trucks cross by that place the garbage produces an extremely toxic smell and hazardous gases which are also dangerous for traveler as well as for the patients who are admitted in the hospitals.

According to a survey, in Hyderabad all major hospitals like Civil, Bhittai, Memon, Maaji and Jijal Mau hospital there is a huge amount of garbage and trash which is most hazardous to human beings and especially to the patients in the hospitals.

It should be given proper attention and there should be proper ways for disposal of garbage not only from these places but from the entire country.