Absurdity Of Morning Shows

By: Farkhunda Shaikh

The growing trend of morning shows on different channels poisoning the roots of our identity. Being a Muslim, we have to start a day by praising God.

Early morning, every host of different channel begins program by music, dancing, giggling, daft and foolish stuff etc.

All these things increase absurdity among people. Some of them are as much enthusiastic that they try to adopt every action of star in their own style.

Morning show hosts, introduce so many cheap things in their program that is practiced in our society. Intellectuals seriously oppose on practicing foreign culture and lifestyle.

Here the clash is locate between sensible and professionals. Practitioner including vulgarities in their show is a part of Entertainment.

The top listed Pakistani host like Shaista Wahidi, Nida Yasir, Fahad Mustafa and many others delightfully celebrate events that are somewhere  enforced in our society to move on wrong path.

Our Pakistani host joyfully celebrated and welcomed couples and love birds on “Valentine Day”. It is the day to choose the path of sin for them and others too. These days, crispy topics of morning shows are wedding season, bridal make ups and beauty contest.

The so called trends of marriages make eyes so bored. Recently, Shaista Wahidi host of “Utho Jago Pakistan ” celebrated wedding week, of already married couples Javeria and Saud were entirely a foolish part of her set.

Every morning female host wear bridal dresses that divert mind of ladies from their responsibilities and they give priority to fashion and beauty. Silly women are taking interest in such stupid activities that swiftly moves them in to Utopia.

Initiative of morning shows contains ineffective ideas. Men who hardly meet their daily expenses of life, how they can fulfill the worthless requests of their wives? This is a stage of audience, where host should talk as the voice of people and think about the wishes of every class.

The stage show of Omer Shareef is the only show which makes people laugh; by including some lesson in it. If we compare PTV programs with present channels so we feel a huge difference between them.

There is lack of programs that entertain in a very well mannered way. Old shows like, 50-50 show, Moin Akhter  comedy show and “tehria Moin Akhter” were good which did not spoil our custom and values.

Likewise, program of Tariq Aziz was very helpful for students that provide a lot of information and knowledge which is enjoyed by all audiences.

The sets need motivational personalities, who are truly sincere to their life that viewer can also listen carefully to them. Currently, the so called controversial figures like Maya khan, Veena Malik and many others perform every time, disorganized and different things which public do not take serious.

The person who cannot resolve the issue of their own life cannot give lessons to others.  Among all, we need a celebrity that can give guidance not about Islam and Islamic teaching but also describe general perspective of life.