Pakistan Police : A Helpless Force

By: Zahra Khuzema

No one has much good words for Pakistan police force. Today's reality is people cannot turn their faces from “violence".

The bitter truth is that people have become victims of terror and destruction because of political violence, robberies, kidnappings and street crimes etcetera and all these are taken normally in our country, just because people are forced to bear it out.

Is there a force to save people from crime? In every state, it is the duty of police to protect citizens. In our country police department is taken as no go area.

Our police are under paid, under funded, understaffed, and untrained with minimum reactive capabilities as well. They are beset by corruption, social, racial biases and political influences.

Police under commands are not in control of their high officials, resulting into worst and awful behaviors of police officials which refrains general public from arriving at police stations and getting their complaint registered.

The government is mainly responsible for the pathetic performance of police department. There are lot of causes due to which our force is weak.

Low funding and poor facilities are the reasons of lack in equipments, technology and advanced vehicles, no facility for retrieving DNA, in short no forensic laboratories are available.

Another major problem is the poor salary packages which compels police officials to take bribe.

The police stations are not well equipped with advanced technologies, whereas, 'thanas' buildings present a look of haunted houses.

The prison department is also influenced by corruption. Food provided to the prisoners is less qualitative and quantitative confirmed the phenomenon mentioned above.

The remedial measures should be taken as early as possible to eradicate corruption from this department and for a peaceful society. back to their place.