Poverty The Main Cause Of Suicides

By: Dhani Parto

Around 900000 people commit suicide every year in the world. The reports suggest that most of the deaths occur particularly in rural areas of Asian countries including Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country of South Asia facing many crises including economic problems that creates hurdles in development. Here more than 50% people live under the poverty line particularly in rural areas.

Sindh is the second largest province in term of population, where approximately 4 to 24,00,000 people live.

Most of them live in rural areas in depressed condition, almost 34% population suffer from common mental disorder and commit suicide for various reasons, due to deterioration of inter personal relations, long term problems, joblessness, drug addiction, and terror of police, marriage, depression. Poverty is mother of all these ills.

Poverty is one of the main issues of Sindh province. Since, it is an agricultural land and a larger part of its population lives in rural areas that work in fields of WADDERAS as peasants.

They are chained in crisis. They live in illiteracy, lack of recourses, social problems and political interference, these things weakens there social increases sense of deprivation and compels them to drugs.

Poverty forces them to sell their children and involve them in crimes like, theft, smuggling, kidnaping, many of them commit suicide. In the wake of terrorism our country is facing mental stress.

According to a report, above 700 suicide cases have been reported recently in Sindh so far. Poverty is a 'disease' which affects all the aspects of life. It is a growing social problem of our society which compels many people to commit suicide.