Begging On Increase

By: Priya Kumari

Problems in our society have increased manifold. We find beggars in the market, near traffic signals, outside the Masjid, on road crossings, streets, railway station and bus stand.

The main cause of beggary is unemployment and for earning they have made it a profession. This phenomenon gives birth to a begging trend whom people are following very rapidly which gives them money and food without even striving for it.

Poor and needy people gain sympathy and attention of people. By this method the beggars earn money. Now-a-days, a raise in this profession is seen.

Once on a signal I heard a knocking on the window of my car, I saw an old man he was crying and demanding, saying “Lift de do beta”...i ignored the beggar at that time.

Another day I was at another signal and I was surprised to see that same old man repeating the same line.This showed that they all are fully loaded with a plan to fool and deceive  people.

Professional beggars take advantage of the situation and play with people disguised by their emotional blackmailing techniques.

In this profession they also have leader who trains them and orders poor beggars to beg.  They also kidnapped innocent children for this work and   they misguide them   for so many bad things.

It is harmful for our social and economical values because it's a problem for our society which is taken as the worst example for our upcoming generation.

Beggar community posses more woman and children in their clan to get fake empathy by people.

The key to the solution of this social and economical problem is the government has to conduct awareness programs, job opportunities should be given according to skill qualification and their needs by this we can try to resolve this issue.