Tribal Allianace

By: Sajjad Qazi

This intra-communal disputes have increased in northern Sindh alliances of tribes on caste basis are forming on each second day such as (Abra Etehad, Chandia Etehad , Sheikh Etehad , Unnar Etehad  and so on).

Initially this caste centric system and tribalism was observed in Baluchistan where everyone lives in tribes and work in collaboration to uplift only their tribe , but now this system is also in full swing in interior Sindh especially in Kamber, Shahdadkot, Larkana, Ghotki, Shikarpur etc .

This tribal system has left negative impact on the society. As an illustration, if minor dispute comes about between only two people it elongates and take the form of tribal conflict.

Finally it turns out to be as a tribal war. Furthermore these alliances breed various social hitches like consolidation of feudal system. It is obvious that if any alliance is made, they ultimately make leader (Sardar /Nawab), who becomes court for people, every decision is taken by Sardar, and the state institutions like judiciary put no value before them.

Besides feudal system, bureaucratic partisanships towards their caste mates is also an issue. The bureaucrats of particular tribe support the criminal acts of perpetrators having same caste at the behest of feudal lords.

In addition, element of meritocracy diminishes completely due to partial attitude of bureaucrats who shoulder the people of their own tribe, they distribute jobs among their tribe's members so as to get the hold of the caste or the people whose caste is same as of the officer they are given priority .

Therefore, almost in every field only the interest of tribesmen are served thereby the equality among people apart from tribal distinction and caste difference is absent.

More to the point, tribal alliance proves a major drawback in the process of election; feudal are elected as the representative of rural society, though they are illiterate and uneducated yet they succeed in taking the mandate of their tribesmen consequently the unskilled and incapable comes into government who are unable to steer the country in right direction.