Marriage, A Business To Destroy A Girl

By: Sonahri Shaikh

The concept of marriage is not just to choose a partner, have kids, grow them up, get old and the end.

Though, the God prearranged marriages for individuals to get married and give birth to the generation in form of Nikkkah. Marriage is all about relation of love, care, feeling, compromises and respect. But what we are doing?

We have made marriages a business. It not only hurts the feelings of someone but also breaks down their dreams too. This problem has increased manifold in our society. 

The modern tradition has taken people toward ignorance. A manner of finding bahus is against our moral values. People behave as if they came to find out a showpiece of perfect girl and have choice to reject them on one or the other pretext.

 Nobody willing to understand that girls have sensitive feelings, no matter how bold she may be but badly broken in some situations. 

Another bitter truth is that most of the girls, who are waiting for fixation of date of their marriage as quickly as possible as they are considered burden by their own family.

Though she gets a lot of love from her family and does not have much pressure, even then she can not spare herself from the questions raised by the other people. As any guest enters home, first question asked is “Shadi kab kar rae hain?” and parents reply is “Nahi, bas dua karein”.

And the discussion starts. Psychologically, these conversations wound girls for that reason they become tense and worried.

Many females commit suicide because of marriage related problems. Besides, many girls take wrong steps because of this pressure; they do Love marriages, court marriages and break all boundaries to achieve this task.

As soon as she gets young parents continuously pursue her that she has to get married and go her home. By worst practices and difficult rules of our society we make feel our daughter a burden in life.

Girls tolerate and compromise on many things for the sake of their families. She sacrifices at every stage of life like; her first priority is her parents, on next stage she takes care of everything of her husband and spends her life in raising her children.

Daughters are blessing from God. So wake-up people and let them live their lives. Let's give her a chance to prove herself. Life is not depending only on marriage but on dreams. Nature made girls the strongest element of earth, if she thinks positively!