The Saiin Version

By: Sonahri Shaikh

Dear and Deer are the two words having semantic relation. Similarly there is a big difference between Saiin that is shown in a recent Pakistani hit composed by Ali Gul  Pir and a real Saiin.

Pir wrote this song to tease those vulgars who call themselves a Saiin, because they are respectable, powerful and superior then others.

Having a brand new car, wearing hair oil, golden colored watch big-curled mustashes and kalaf type Salwar kameez. Yes! I know what your mind is saying, it is our Saiin. But wait! Have you ever asked your elders that what do they know about the word Saiin? I guess no, so let me tell you the real Saiin Version.

In Sindhi Culture, a person who is a master, is known as a Saiin. Someone we love, respect and follow is Saiin. The sindhi's use to call there elders with mixing the word Saiin like Abu Saiin, Amaan Saiin. Even our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is also called as NABI Saiin, which refers that they are giving respect to them.

There is a phrase in Sindhi language that “a monkey has also two legs and two hands but trying on an extreme he can never be like human”. Similarly people having no such personality can ever become a Saiin.

The concept of this wrong Saiin version was started when and how nobody knows. But one of my friends shared that person who wishes to be dominant on others, this feeling makes them behave like a Wadera, even if they are not.

Mostly it happens because of inferiority complex. Psychologically, it is mentioned that people whose wishes were not accomplished in childhood they try to become powerful and play lead role to get their aim, when they are mature (whether they are sensible or not).

There is no concept of such Saiin in our culture, if you ask from your Grand fathers and mothers they would definitely refuse to accept the new version.

Actually, we are living in a multi-cultured-society where everyone has their own culture. We are confused that we could not calculate between right and wrong.

The Saiin in sindhi culture is Judicious and a noetic person. Even in some small villages people use to go to the most smarter person to share and solve problems and that person is titled as Saiin.

I am here to scratch out this wrong thinking from the mind of people that Saiin is not the one having Pajero, Rado watch, Rayban glasses, branded shoes and a long curled mustaches.

But a Saiin can be anyone may be a farmer or a cobbler just because they are smarter and respectable among two or more people.