Path To Construction Or Destruction

By: Sabahat Us Saba

Science has shown many miracles in every field of life, whether it is chemical, medicinal, agricultural or nuclear field. This has constructive as well as destructive impact on life. We owe a lot to science, all the convenience and comforts.

Upcoming advancement in science is Lithium as a fuel, to meet the need of energy. Lithium becoming the fuel of future, everything from your electric car to kids toy car, lithium batteries are being used to store energy.

These miracle devices offer a low weight ratio (they can store more electricity in relation to their weight). It possess dual qualities.

Firstly, lithium batteries are disposable and secondly, lithium cells are rechargeable. Lithium technology has become the centerpiece of most mainstream electric vehicles.

But it is probably highly flammable hydrogen because it reacts with water to form lithium hydroxide.

Many latest researches are made in the medicinal field: An Australian scientist said, Kangaroos may provide key to a potential treatment to prevent cancer.

Scientists of University of Innsbruck in Austria are investigating that sun damaged human DNA can be repaired with kangaroo's model as they have special repair enzyme which human's lack.

Some other resolution is treatment of Alzheimer's disease with vitamin E. vitamin E may slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease symptoms among patients, scientist said "we found no significant increase in mortality with vitamin E it decreases from 9.4 to 7.3%”.

Science triumphs are not limited to medicinal field, it has effects on agricultural field just like “steam power” and “plant cloning”.

A cloned plant can yield a thousand new plants from one parent plant, This can accomplish global demand for food for at least coming 40 years. Farmers can produce more crops from less seeds.

Apart from constructive inventions some destructive inventions are also miserable face of science, terrifying weapons of mass destruction has raised numerous ethical questions and is a constant threat to humanity with the danger that it may never stop, and act as our own enemy.

Some device designed for the safety, but releases radiations at a level dangerous to human life without a nuclear explosion. It deliberates contamination of food and water. Bombs are made to blast million of people.

In spite of much devastation from it, science is widely and deeply rooted in our daily life routine. Our life seems to be incomplete without Science and Technology as aeroplanes, satellites, computers, mobile phones etc which show that technology dramatically spins around our lives.