Fast Food And Its Harmful Effect

By: Tooba Naz Siddique

Fast food has become very popular in Hyderabad also, particularly after the opening of fast food restaurants such as Mc Donald's & Pizza Hut.

It generally includes high calories & fat items such as pizza, burgers etc. Fast food contains a lot of salt which increases blood pressure and puts added strain to kidneys.

It is associated with many health problems including the heart attack, liver & stomach diseases as well. If you constantly eat fast food, it will be inevitable that you will get fat in short time .Fast food does not contain any nutrients that are beneficial for human body.

In most of the cases, these foods are filled with harmful carbohydrates, fats & cholesterol that do not provide any useful energy.

Fast food affects our energy levels. The high level of sugar in fast food puts your metabolism under stress. It doesn't contain the proper protein & good carbohydrates, also increases blood sugar level with constant eating.

When we focus on Hyderabad city area and Latifabad there are many fast food shops like Mr. Uncle Burger, Pizza inn, U.k Pizza, Sami Fast Food, Rahat-e-Shireen Fast Food, Rajput Fast Food and Anarkali Fast Food. Unfortunately people are still not aware of its harmful effects by constant eating that caused harmful heart diseases.

Also in Karachi the most biggest city of Pakistan, approximately 83 lacs people yearly suffer from cancer due to constantly eating of fast food. Increasing rate of constantly eating fast food 58% of people suffered from depression.

According to media reports, some low standard fast food restaurants in Karachi supply dead chickens meat, which is approximately 45 maunds.

Furthermore, the ketchup used in making fast food is made up of rotten tomatoes. Children between 12 to 15 ages are caught in depression because of eating low quality fast food.

According to "Kids Health Club" magazine, fast food can effect a child's physical development in determined ways including unhealthy weight gain.

Dr. Zamaan Shaikh, Professor of Dow Medical & Health Sciences University told in an interview that there are a lot of calories in fast food. A small burger contains sodium & fats in very huge amount that effects on the human body.

As a result it causes increase in high cholesterol, weight gain & diabetes that are very harmful for our health.Think twice, before eating fast food continuously.