Children Also Have Sentiments

By: Ambreen Qasim

Kids are the most beautiful creation of the nature and they are considered as angels on earth.

Their one smile can make their parents glad. When a child enters the age of 13 to 15, usually his family is negligent of his feelings and sentiments, which develop negative behavior towards his family members.

When the sentiments of a child are not understood and valued by his family then he starts spending time with his peer groups.

This situation turns out to be disturbing for parents and different questions arise in their mind. Why child is behaving like this? What are the reasons behind these changes? But this is not so. Some researches have proved that with the growing age of child, parents lose their attention and think that their child is now mature enough to take care of himself. Initially, parents pay a lot of attention towards the child and as time passes, the lack of concentration on children by parents compel children to feel loneliness.

This feeling of loneliness takes child away from his family and child starts to spend his much time with his friends.

This creates negative state of attitude in child and he starts defying the rules of his family and does such acts that heartache to his parents.

Children always want everyone around them, especially their parent's support in every walk of life.

It is noticed that in most of the families sharp children get more attention and importance then of dull one, which is also a big reason for child's negative and hyper attitude.

Many children in their teenage indulged in immoral activities like smoking and stealing things due to lack of guidance. Proper direction could save them from destroying their life.

When a child unintentionally commits any mistake, parents usually punish them instead of teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

Now a days, the communication gap between children and parents result in hesitation and uneasiness.

That is why, they do not share problems with parents and prefer his peer group to share problems.

To resolve this problem it is necessary to provide the possible information about the happening of the society that could end the gap between both children and parents so that children could easily differentiate between the right and wrong of society.

Child needs good attention, care, love and guidance by his parent. Rude or harsh behavior may create gap between parents and children.

So try to be a friend of your child and reduce the gap between you and child.